We’re going to do something a little different things month. I listen to a radio show in the morning that does a “What’s Good Wednesday” where they just talk about good stories. Let’s face it… controversy sells. Bad news and scary headlines get clicks. And if you get too caught up in it, it can be a real downer.

Every person reading this knows full well that more people would have clicked to this page if I titled it “The Secret Features that Adobe Doesn’t Want You to Know About!!!”.

So I got this idea… Let’s just talk about the GOOD stuff! No clickbait headlines… Just the good stuff (but sometimes missed) you get with your Adobe $9.99 subscription. Things that are beyond just the two programs you get – Lightroom and Photoshop (if you’re on the higher priced plan because you use Premier, Illustrator or InDesign you get this stuff too).

It’s crazy… Adobe gives you so many little “extras” that I find it’s almost impossible to keep up with them all. So let’s take the next few weeks (I’ll be doing these on Monday / Wednesday / Friday) and hopefully let you know about something you’ve missed.

SIDENOTE: I’ve also created a page where each of these “How to get the most” videos (click here) will be compiled in one place. So feel free to stop back here on Monday, Wednesday or Friday to see each new video, or just check back to the master page if you just want the video without any of the written description.

Why Am I Doing This?

I’m doing this because Adobe backed up a truck full of money in to my front door 😉 Yeah right! Or how about because my income is tied to Adobe courses – so if Adobe does poorly it’ll reflect in my income. That’s another popular one I hear! Or, I’m just a fanboy and Adobe “shill” right?

I laugh it off, so it’s all good. But that’s the kind of stuff that anyone says the moment you defend or get passionate over liking a product. And even more so if the product is successful, or from a big corporate company. People love to hate the guy on top right? So… for the record. If you must know my financials, checks from Adobe account for about 0.006% of my income (I checked today). Usually just speaking fees if they have a booth at a conference, and ask me to speak there. And if you really must know, and we’re being honest, I teach post-processing – NOT just Adobe. I can teach you to edit a photo in any program out there, because we all know it’s about the art of the edit. So now that there are more viable competitors, I have more software to teach on – and hence a much larger market to talk to.

So why am I really doing this? I’m doing this because the Peta-Stoppers websites (AKA: lynch-mob or “tabloids” really) seem to really have it in for Adobe lately. They constantly post clickbait headlines (with so many false statements) that are no better than those tabloids you pass by at the grocery store checkout. I think these sites are the most toxic places in the photo industry, and they thrive on the negative commenters that troll them. But it’s pointless if I try comment there right? Nobody wins. The authors are just trying to stir things up, and the commenters are just plain angry mean trolls. I won’t change their mind, and they won’t change mine. So I decided to take the approach that the radio show I listen to did…

… To take my platform, and talk about What’s good about Adobe and their subscription, and helping you get the most out of the $9.99 a month you spend.

So… for those of you who are on the Adobe subscription, this is for you. It’s not meant to sell anyone to join it, and to leave their program of choice if it’s not Adobe. It’s simply here to make those that use it feel even better about the $9.99 you spend each month, and hopefully point out something you didn’t even know you get.


Remember that more than just photographers use Photoshop. So some of the things I point out may be more creative in nature. But, many photographers are also creative, so you never know what you’ll learn, or get inspired from.

Do I expect that every item that I bring up this month will be of use to everyone? Nope… but I run in to FAR too many people that simply have no idea how many great things their subscription gets them. And when they see a feature they often say, “how come I never heard about this before?”. 

Getting the Most From Adobe Video #1: Online Gallery Sharing

This is one of the best perks for me and I use it constantly. Earlier this year, I shared it with a smaller group in a course I did and I was flat-out amazed at how many people didn’t know they had access to this. Not only that, I saw hundreds of messages about how excited they were to find out what was possible.

The main feature of this video is that, in Lightroom Classic, once you create a Collection of photos (AKA: Album), you can share that collection with a link that you can send people. It will take them to an online gallery where they can view the photos, see a slideshow, see photo info (metadata if you choose), download (again, if you choose), and even comment on them. The best part is they don’t need ANY Adobe products (or even an Adobe account) to do it. And it all comes free with your Adobe subscription. No need to pay a web host or other website company (or know any techie stuff) to do it.


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