If you’ve followed my videos you know I usually try to keep an upbeat tone. And while the title of this post sounds like I’m really mad, you’ll see in the video it’s more in a joking way.

I tell the story in the video but here’s a recap. I was teaching some hands on workshops recently and as I’d walk around the room I noticed most people had this “feature” on in Lightroom. So every time I sat down next to them, the first thing I’d say was “Can I turn something off that I think you’ll appreciate”. And I’d proceed to turn this “feature” off and 90% of the people I did this for was like “Oh my God!!! I never knew I could shut that off!!! – Thank you!!!”.

Then some one said to me that I must really hate that feature and I realized I did. It’s like nails on a chalkboard to me 🙂 If that’s not bad, then I’d also ask to turn a feature on that really bugs me when I see it’s not. So basically… I have issues 😉

Anyway, I think you’ll find these two little tips useful if you’ve never seen them before. Have a good one!

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