Hey everyone! In a couple of weeks I’ll begin filming a series of landscape photography classes for Kelby Training online. I have some good ideas in mind for how I want the class to go, but I wanted to turn to all of you because, well, you’ll be the ones watching the class. So here’s the deal.

I Need Your Feedback
Some of the best ideas I get for teaching are usually from reading the evaluations of my classes or emails I get. For example, my Lightroom seminar is constantly tweaked and made better because I read all of the evaluation forms (usually 300-500 of them) after the seminar. If I see a pattern, I realize something needs to be added/changed/removed. So I’m reaching out to the audience that would watch this class and asking for ideas on what you’d like covered and how you’d like it to be covered.

Get A Free 2-Month Membership To Kelby Training
If I use your idea, I’ll get you set up with a free 2-month membership to Kelby Training ($50 value). That should be more than enough time to watch the class once it comes out. If you’re already a subscriber, your membership will get extended by 2-months.

As I mentioned earlier, I already have an idea for how I’d like things to go in the class. But I’m deliberately leaving the details out of this post, because I’d like you guys to look at this with a fresh set of eyes. Questions to think about:

1) What are the main questions you have when it comes to landscape photography? I want to make sure I answer these first and foremost.
2) What should be covered in the class?
3) How should I cover it? On location? Do you actually need to see me shooting? Am I shooting and talking? What am I talking about?
4) Your thoughts on pre-planning?
5) Any cool name ideas would be great. I’m initially thinking it needs the word photo or photography in it for marketing purposes, but who knows.
6) Anything else you can think of.

Thanks for stopping by and I really appreciate your feedback in advance. I truly want to make this a series of classes that helps people know exactly how to get beautiful landscape photos and I hope you’ll help out. Have a good one!


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