If You Use the Nikon D810 You Have to Download This

Last month I wrote about my first shoot with the Nikon D810 and 10 things that landscape photographers should know. Well, as I was processing those first photos I noticed some weird banding and artifacts in the skies (in both Lightroom and Camera Raw). At first, I couldn’t find a fix and thought there was something wrong with my photos or camera. And I’d done two shoots before I even processed my photos to know there was a problem. Needless to say, I was pissed! But after some poking around the internet I found that this was a known problem and Adobe had a fix for it – but it wasn’t exactly pretty. You had to download some profiles from Adobe’s website, and then install them in the correct folder for Lightroom and ACR to pick ’em up.

Here’s an example of what it looked like:


Good news though. If you have a D810 and haven’t found those profiles to download, the new profiles are actually included and fixed in the latest versions of Lightroom and Photoshop. In Lightroom, just go to Help > Check For Updates. In Photoshop, just use your Creative Cloud App manager and update Photoshop from there.

(from the Lightroom journal blog post announcing the updates)

Have a good one!

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Thank you for your advice and I did update PS.
Is this related to “Hot Pixel” issue
which earlier lot of D810 had??..

Ray Justice

Matt, sounds like you have bought or are using the new Nikon D810. If so, tell us about the pro’s and con’s of this camera. Maybe compare it to the D800. Thanks

Jim Fair

Is anyone aware of an update that will correct/fix the issue of CF cards from Nikon D810, uploading to MacBook Pro? I know this is an ongoing issue, not sure if the fix is Nikon, Apple, or Adobe. I have purchased different brands of CF cards, all pro qualitycall along withtwo different 3.0 card readers,without success.The SD cards load into the Mac book and card readers without issue. This is very frustrating, that the CF media will not operate with my brand-new MacBook and D810


hi jim, i am a professional photographer -just bought the d810 and 3 different PRO CF cards wouldn’t read at all. i had to do hours of data recovery .. a nightmare. PS i really like this camera -is there a fix for this?
i can’t risk losing more jobs.. i have had 6 nikon bodies and never experienced ANYTHING like this.. I am on MAC PRO el capitan
Sandisk and Lexar Pro CF cards… how could nikon release a camera that cannot read pro cards???


Nasim Mansurov noted in his website that the new Lightroom Update runs very slow and is prone to crash. Have you and your associates found this?

Eva Lima

Hi Matt, hope you are doing fine with the new job and all! That’s good advice about the d810, I also had those ugly lines in my photos already. Is there anything I have to click or check in the latest LR version to get these things corrected or is that something that LR just does automatically once it detects a D810 photo? Thanks and have a good one too 😉

Eva Lima

Hi Matt, thanks for the quick reply. That’s not what I meant though 😉 I meant once it is updated – does LR correct this automatically on each picture or is it like chromatic aberrations where I have to check a box in the develop module? Thanks again!


I have the new Canon 5D mkIV and i am having problems with banding in the sky. I just shot night photos of a bridge in San Pedro with a 30 sec exposure and there is banding in the sky when it is in library mode. When it is in develop it doesn’t show but when it is exported to photoshop the banding is there.


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