Last month I wrote about my first shoot with the Nikon D810 and 10 things that landscape photographers should know. Well, as I was processing those first photos I noticed some weird banding and artifacts in the skies (in both Lightroom and Camera Raw). At first, I couldn’t find a fix and thought there was something wrong with my photos or camera. And I’d done two shoots before I even processed my photos to know there was a problem. Needless to say, I was pissed! But after some poking around the internet I found that this was a known problem and Adobe had a fix for it – but it wasn’t exactly pretty. You had to download some profiles from Adobe’s website, and then install them in the correct folder for Lightroom and ACR to pick ’em up.

Here’s an example of what it looked like:


Good news though. If you have a D810 and haven’t found those profiles to download, the new profiles are actually included and fixed in the latest versions of Lightroom and Photoshop. In Lightroom, just go to Help > Check For Updates. In Photoshop, just use your Creative Cloud App manager and update Photoshop from there.

(from the Lightroom journal blog post announcing the updates)

Have a good one!

(image courtesy of Fotolia.com)


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