Hey everyone, I’m guest coaching at ON1 Plus for the month of February. I started ON1 Plus as a educational membership area of ON1 when I used to work there. As you probably know, I don’t work there anymore, but we’re all still great friends and talk all the time – And I still use ON1 Effects to round out and finish my workflow.

Anyway, the other week I wrote an article called “The State of Post-Processing in 2017” where I basically said that post-processing was becoming commoditized. And that it’s more about the art of the edit, and the vision for editing the photo. That the sliders are all very similar across multiple apps, and that it matters more about your style and vision for editing them.

So… since ON1 Plus is primarily an ON1 user community, I’ve decided to put my money where my mouth is. As a guest coach, I’ll mostly concentrate on ON1 Workflows in the Plus community this month. I know there are still a bunch of Lightroom users there too, so I’ll make sure to make a mention if there are any key differences. And aside from the cataloging/import concept, ON1 Raw and Lightroom Develop are so similar, that it’s easy to do the same raw edits in each one. I’m also going to concentrate A LOT on Layers. While a lot of my editing can be done with just a raw edits, there are times where I need layers for certain things. I’ll be diving into that quite a bit.

Finally, I’ll be doing a lot of cool photography-related stuff too. Hudson Henry (he’s the head ON1 Plus Coach this year) and I did a reverse photo challenge last year. Basically, the Plus community gave us a photo challenge – and we went out and recorded ourselves doing it and brought back the results. It was incredibly popular, so we’re going to be doing the same thing this year. And the usual photo critiques and discussion forums will be there as well.

Anyway, I know a lot of ON1 folks read the blog here. If you’re one of ’em, then make sure you stop by Plus this month. And if you’re not, don’t worry. I’ll still be doing my “60 Second Photoshop Tips”, and a few more episodes of my new “Lightroom/Photoshop Photo Makeover” series.

Have a good one!


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