What’s up everyone! I wanted to let all of the ON1 folks out there know that I’m back as a guest coach at ON1 Plus for the month of July. This month’s topic is going to be long exposure photography and it leads up to a brand new course that I’ll be releasing in July on Long Exposure Photography and Editing.

What Is ON1 Plus?

ON1 Plus is a member-based “coaching” community that I started back when I worked for ON1 at the beginning of 2016. It’s a very vibrant community of ON1 users (both ON1 Effects, and full ON1 Workflow users) where you get the software, training, critiques, and a lot of other goodies as part of your yearly membership.

While I no longer work as an ON1 employee, I still work “with” them in many ways since I use ON1 Effects for a lot of the styling of my photos. So I hop in just about every quarter as an ON1 Plus guest coach, which is exactly what this month is.

This month, in addition to the videos I’ll be doing, Hudson Henry and I will be going a photo critique and a photo challenge. So it should be a ton of fun. I know a lot of ON1 Plus members read the blog here. So if you’re one of ’em, make sure you stop by the Plus member website.


Some Download Links If You’re Interested

Here’s a few links if you’ve never tried ON1 before. And even if you have, you may want to grab the newer versions or trials to give it a test run again.

ON1 Photo Raw Full 30 Day Trial: This is a fully functional trial version for 30 days.

ON1 Effects 10 (Full version is free): This is the previous version of ON1 Effects. But, they’re giving it away for free. So if you want to follow any tutorials where I start in Lightroom, but do the photo styling in ON1 Effects, this version will work just fine since the filters are pretty close to the same.

Lightroom Presets: ON1 also has a ton of free Lightroom presets. And how doesn’t love presets? 🙂




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