I was running out of the house for work this morning and I snapped a photo of my new wall. I’m really embarrassed to say that I have many walls in my house with no photos on them. It’s not for lack of having photos though – it’s just a matter of me being lazy and not printing them to get ’em on the walls. So I took MPIX’s Hip My House contest as a sign to start doing something. Above is a photo of my TV room where I’ve started to get some stuff on the wall. These were 24×30 inch metallic prints framed in black.

I’ve also got some gallery wraps that I’ll be putting up in another room. In fact, I recorded a quick video of me unpacking them because I wanted people to see just how well your prints and orders are protected when MPIX ships them. If you’ve never had anything printed and shipped to you before you may wonder how (and how well) your images are taken care of. Watch this video and you’ll see.

It’s the last 2 days of the contest so hop on over to MPIX’s website to enter. Good luck!


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