This past week on our weekly talk show The Grid, I had two guests (Glyn Dewis and Serge Ramelli). Over lunch (before the show) we were discussing our topic and they had some really good insights on making money in photography. But not just “quit your current job and work really hard” kind of advice. It went a little further than that and I think there’s some great info in listening to these two guy’s stories. I think their advice, and story, works especially well if you’re a person who’s really into photography. But you’re not quite willing or able to give up your full-time job. At the same time though, you’d love to explore whether photography could be something that could bring in some extra money (even if it’s just to pay for some gear). So when you have some extra time this weekend, you should definitely try to watch the show. We really dig in to the topic around 15 minutes or so (after I introduce Serge and Glyn and look at some of their work).

Thanks and have a great weekend!


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