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I’ve always thought that comments were a huge part of a blog site. I realize that only a VERY small percentage of the people who read a post comment, but I think comments give the overall community a voice. Whether you commented or not, chances are your thoughts (or something similar) are reflected in the comments that are there. Plus, for the blogger, it’s a great way to see how a post is being received.

Well, I’ve been following some blogs that use DISQUS lately and I just recently added it to the site here. Basically DISQUS is a way to turn a simple comment system into a more engaging community. While it still works the same as regular comments (but I think it looks much better), it also provides a bunch of features, that I think people who comment, can take advantage of.

For starters, it’s free. And it works everywhere. So where ever you participate in a DISQUS comment, you use the same account – which means you can track your discussions on their site. Not only can you track discussions and your comments, but you’ll also see notifications when people reply to your comments. And you’ll see it all in the Notifications section right on the site you’re commenting in. And it’s not just notifications for that site – it’s for any site where you used your DISQUS account. Here’s an example of what I saw in my notifications today:

disqus example

For me, a great part about it is that I comment on lots of sites. But I always forget what I commented on. Sometimes I know I commented on something that I want to go back to, but I can’t find it. With DISQUS you can go back and see all of your comments, and the blog posts where you made them.

Also, you can tag people in comments so they get notified you mentioned them. Plus, it’s real-time. So you can see when some one is typing back to you and actually have a mini-conversation right there. I guess my favorite part about it is the consistency. I create one account, and I can use it on any site that uses DISQUS. I know I mentioned it before, but it just looks better than the regular WordPress commenting system. It’s easier to see threaded comments, and you get options like thumbs-upping (or downing) a comment, collapsing and expanding comments and sorting through them. It’s actually a very slick system, and I’d suggest you check out their home page because there’s a little interactive demo. And if you’re a blogger, you should consider adding it too (it’s free).

And if none of these things interest you, then you don’t have to change a thing. You’re not forced to use it or create an account. You can still comment as an anonymous person and you don’t have to sign up or sign-in for anything.

So give it a try. All you have to do is create a quick account the first time you do it (seriously, it takes less than a minute) and you’re ready to go.
Have a good one!


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