We’re just one week away from Creative Live’s annual Photo Week 2015. If you haven’t been a part of it before, it’s a free week of photography training with a ton of photography content from portraits, to landscapes, macro photography and everything in between.

My Class: Landscapes and Light

I’m really excited about the class I’m teaching next Monday (September 21st) called Landscapes and Light. The class idea came up from people asking me about shooting landscapes in all of these different lighting conditions. Since we can’t choose what weather we get, I put together all of the type of natural light situations that you can get out there, and the different types of photos to look for no matter what time of day or weather you find.

I’ll even talk a little about some of the post-processing tricks I use for certain conditions to get the most out of the photos you’ve already taken. You can RSVP here.

New This Year: Photo Week Road Trip Kick Off

They’re also doing something different this year. It’s a road trip to kick off photo week with a few stops and some live classes along the way. A few of the trainers are setting out this Friday from the CL offices in San Francisco. We’ll be stopping in Sacramento on Friday and Portland on Saturday for mini pop-up conferences and training. Here’s some Facebook events if you want to RSVP and join us live:

  1. San Francisco Send Off Party
  2. Sacramento Stop/Pop-up Conference
  3. Portland Stop/Pop-up Conference

I hope you’ll join us either on the bus road trip or at one of the classes next week. You can RSVP right here. Have a good one!


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