It’s hard to believe I’m on my way home already. I feel like I just posted that I was heading out to Mt. Rainier to record a landscape photography class. Anyway, I’m happy to report that the class went really well, the weather cooperated, the photos were great, and Adam, Mark (from the film crew) and myself made it out with all limbs intact (and no sprained ankles).

Here’s a shot from one of the morning sunrises at Myrtle Falls in a place called Paradise (yes, it’s literally called Paradise and it holds up to it’s name).

(click to see it larger)
Mount Rainier Myrtle Falls

The photo was processed in Lightroom only because I’m too damn tired to do anything else to it 😉

It was a crazy-long week. We were up most mornings at 3:45am for the 1-hour drive in to the park. And because of the late sunrises, we usually didn’t get to bed before 11pm. But it was all worth because I think we came away with a killer class.

Now we’re in Seattle getting ready to put the finishing touches on the “Photographing Cityscapes” class I mentioned last week. Then we head home tomorrow morning – away from the nice cool weather and back to the sweltering heat (of which I actually like so I’m excited). It’s kinda funny though. I guess the temps here in Seattle and up at Mt. Rainier have been hotter than normal and that’s all anyone can talk about. It’s been hard for us not to tell them that the temps they’re experience are pretty much the usual winter temps for us 🙂

I’ll keep you posted about the class. Our video team is crazy busy these days but hopefully it’ll get up within 8-10 weeks or so. And I’ll be sure to post some more photos along the way. Have a great weekend!


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