Lightroom Presets – Big Sky Landscapes

So, we’re driving home last night, and I look west toward the beach to see this crazy-cool-cloudy sunset. We live in Florida and this time of year (with all of the thunderstorms out there), you can imagine some of the dramatic scenes we get. So it got me thinking about some more Lightroom 4 presets for photographs with skies that have really cool clouds in ’em. (yes, Lightroom 4 only – not Lightroom 3)

There’s 4 different levels of intensity for this one. Light, Medium, Strong and (for the first time ever) Super Strong. I’ll warn you now. I think “Super Strong” is kind of over-the-top – but for all of your over-the-top lovers it’s worth a try 🙂

Here are the before/afters:

Want More Lightroom Presets?

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Matt Kloskowski

Hey Nicole. It’s a shortcode thingy that comes with the themes that I use from They have a ton of cool little things built right in 🙂

Denise Dewire

Thanks for sharing. Love the b/w for portraits and landscapes you gave us last week!!

Tim Sorrells

Hi Matt! I just purchased an iPad and recently upgraded to LR4. Is there an app to use on my iPad that is similar to LR4? I thought at one time you and/or Scott were working on something like my request.


Thanks again Matt, your presets are mostly at the base of my post-processing, making life much easier and saving time for shooting!


thanks matt, i love your presets. any chance you can make some for portraits, some soft glow and a few sharpened ones?

Mike Bowen

Matt, thanks for another fun set of presets. I’ve actually gotten quite a few from you over the last year or so. I haven’t really figured out to effectively use presets in my workflow to save time yet. Hopefully it will be something that is discussed in your LR4 class next week in Seattle. See ya there!

BTW, lovin’ the blog. I really appreciate all the content you’re providing and visit daily. I think you’re starting to give Scott a run for his money.


Hi Matt! Thanks so much for all the amazing presets you share with us. It has brought my photos to an all new level – THANK YOU! I use them quite a bit when I begin to work on my RAW photos. I love how these sky presets make the sky pop out, but sometimes it also gives some noticeable halos around trees and buildings. I’ve tried to tweak the presets to reduce it without losing the nice effect in the sky, but alas not much success. Have any tips?


? wheres the link to actually download them clicking the download link keeps sending me back to same page?


Hi Matt,

thanks a lot for the preset. How do they work. I do not see any tuning in the development section of LR ?
Thanks a lot for your response, it would be worthwhile for my lab photo education


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