Happy Thanksgiving Week! The 2024 Calendar Templates are now available. All the info you’ll need as well as download links and a tutorial are below.

Click here to download all of the individual months, along with a tutorial video.

Please Read Below… as I won’t really be able to provide support or answer email questions on these templates.

What Are They?

The templates are really just JPG files. That means that ANY program that will open a JPG file will accept these. They are different from traditional Lightroom presets so please don’t try to “install” these. There is no installation and they will not show up in any Preset or Template folder. Please watch the “How To” video that comes in the download, and that should clear things up.

Also, there are four versions included (different styles, but I think Version 3 and 4 are my favorites), and the download also includes a video on how to use them in Lightroom and Photoshop. As I mentioned though, they will work in any image editor that accepts JPG files (which is just about ANY image editor).

Click here to download them along with a tutorial video. (this is for all of the individual months)

NOTE: These are typical USA (Sunday Start) calendars. I realized that some areas in the world use calendars that start on Monday, but these are not formatted for that.



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