In a very uncanny circumstance of timing, Adobe just updated Lightroom Classic on exactly the day that I needed it. I literally went out this morning for my first shoot with my new Sony A7Riii, and it just so happens that Adobe updated Lightroom Classic today to now support that camera (as well as a few other updates).

I have Capture 1, but I don’t use it much other than to see what’s new every now and then. But I haven’t used/installed it on my latest computer. On my way home, I was thinking that I’d have to, since they had already released an update for the new Sony. But then I came home and saw there was an update to Lightroom. BOOM! I’m in business!

Anyway, it’s not a huge update. Like most (dot) updates it just contains some camera/lens support and a few bug fixes. But there are two small new features.

1. The Auto setting works better – I was pretty skeptical, but I gave it a try. I saved a photo that had “Auto” applied to it before I updated to the new version. Then I installed the new version and tried the auto setting and it definitely is better. Apparently it’s now smart enough to use your existing White Balance, Crop settings, or Camera Profiles when doing it’s “thing”. I’m not sure I’ll use it. I don’t really buy software, and spend the time learning it, just to have the software edit for me. But hey… maybe it’ll give me a head start 🙂

2. In the new Range Mask feature (from October), if you had a color dropper on the image, you couldn’t delete it. Well, now you can Option/Alt click on a color sample point and it’ll remove it.

To update, just go to the top menu and choose HELP > UPDATES.

As I mentioned earlier, there’s some new camera and lens support there too:
– For a list of supported cameras click here.
– For a list of supported lenses click here.

Have a good one!


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