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Learn Lightroom Now!
I’ve taught thousands of people all over the world Lightroom and in this course I’ll teach you what you need to get up and running in no time!


Designed to you get up and running with Lightroom. The Lightroom Crash Course takes the intimidation out of learning both basic and advanced features within the software. By cutting out unnecessary technical jargon, the video lessons are easy to understand, and get right to the critical points of importing, organizing, editing, and exporting photos within Lightroom, as well as learning specific functions such as sharpening, noise reduction, and printing. With a total runtime of 62 minutes, this comprehensive video tutorial is broken into short lessons on specific topics, allowing you to quickly get to the subjects you want to learn.

By far, one of the biggest roadblocks I hear from people who start learning Lightroom is that they purchased a course or signed up for an online training website, only to find the amount of training daunting and they don’t know where to start. Or, probably most of the time, they aren’t able to get through the course. That’s why I developed my Lightroom Crash Course – to help you get up to speed in Lightroom with just the stuff you NEED to know. It’s rare that I’d advertise a course by saying “this course won’t teach you everything about Lightroom”. But that’s exactly what I’m doing here. This course is meant to cut through all of the thousands of features that Lightroom has and get you feeling good about getting your photos in to it, and (most importantly), to start editing those photos and having some fun. My personal goal in teaching photo editing is to get you editing and enjoying your photography as fast as possible and that’s exactly what this 60 minute crash course will do.

Course Specs:

This is a downloadable course. In other words, you buy it and you own it. This is not a subscription and you only pay once. Photos Included?: All follow along raw photos included Lightroom Version Covered: Lightroom Classic CC Course Length: 62 minutes Space Required: Approximately 700Mb on your computer Compatibility: Mac and PC

Import and Organize

Learn the fastest way to import and organize your photos so you can get to the fun stuff even faster.

Develop and Editing

Learn Matt’s “go to” adjustments and what editing controls will give you the look you want.

Only 60 Minutes!

This course is only 60 minutes (well… 62 minutes to be exact). That means you can watch it in an evening and know that you’ll be up and running with Lightroom in one day.
Before / After Images From the Course
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Course Outline
Lesson 01: How Lightroom Ticks (5 minutes)
In this first video, we won’t even open Lightroom. Instead, we’ll take about 5 minutes to talk about how Lightroom “ticks”. What’s really happening with your photos when they go in to Lightroom? This way, you’ll feel a lot better about knowing your photos are safe and sound and what exactly Lightroom is doing with them.
Lesson 02: Where to store your photos (5 minutes)
In this lesson we’ll talk about where to store your photos on your hard drive to give you the easiest organizational system possible.
Lesson 03: Importing Photos in to Lightroom (6 minutes)
Importing can be a total pain in the butt because there’s a ton of features in that one dialog. In this video, we’re going to cover the ones that really make a difference and will get you moving fast.
Lesson 04: A Quick Tour of the Interface (6 minutes)
In this lesson we’ll take a quick tour of the interface and you’ll learn some of my favorite and most used shortcuts for moving around Lightroom quickly. Also, you’ll find out what to do when you forget that one keyboard shortcut or tip for moving around the interface.
Lesson 05: Organizing Your Photos Part 1 (5 minutes)
Lightroom has plenty of ways to organize your photos. In this first video on organizing we’re going to start with the simplest way to let Lightroom know you “like” a photo and how to always find your favorites.
Lesson 06: Organizing Your Photos Part 2 (4 minutes)
While we don’t have to do a ton of things to organize, there is one special technique that will make your life SO much easier when it comes to getting to your favorite photos.
Lesson 07: Develop Basics Part 1 (6 minutes)
Here’s where we get to the really good stuff – editing your photos. In this first video we’ll cover the basics. The good news is that the Basic panel in Lightroom probably accounts for about 80% of what I do to my photos. Once you master this area, you’ll have no trouble learning the rest.
Lesson 08: Develop Basics Part 2 (6 minutes)
While we won’t go over every setting in Develop, there are a few more you’ll want to know about that can make a big impact on your photo editing.
Lesson 09: The Brush and Graduated Filters (7 minutes)
This is BY FAR the most important part of my photo editing process. The brushes and graduated filters are what (for me at least) give me that “WOW” factor in my photos and I’d give up every other tool as long as I could keep these 🙂
Lesson 10: External Editing in Photoshop (6 minutes)
Lightroom also let’s you jump to other external editors like Photoshop, ON1, Luminar, to name just a few. In this lesson you’ll learn the exact workflow to edit in another program and how to get there and back so Lightroom always knows where your photo is.
Lesson 11: Exporting and Saving Photos (4 minutes)
There is no official “Save” button in Lightroom. But there is a way to get your photos (and the changes you’ve made to them) out of Lightroom so you can share with the rest of the world.
Lesson 12: Printing and Books (7 minutes)
Lastly, we’ll talk a little about printing and making books in Lightroom. If you’ve wanted your photos in more than a digital format, then these two modules are where to go.

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