Lightroom Crash Course Thank You

Hey there! If you’re reading this then you’ve purchased my Lightroom System (AKA. Ultimate Lightroom Course) and I have a free course for you that I think may help out.

What’s The Free Course?

The free course is my Lightroom Crash Course. This courses tagline is “Learn Lightroom in Just 60 Minutes”. I just cover the basics of how to organize your photos and how to use Lightroom to edit and share them. This course’s strength is that it doesn’t cover everything. I just covers the things I would give to a friend if they asked me to sit down for a little while and teach them.

Why the Free Course?

I’m giving you this course because I’ve heard something from a good amount of people who purchased the larger Lightroom course that you did. I’ll be at a workshop or conference and I’ll run in to some one and they tell me that they have my Lightroom course… and they haven’t fished it yet… or worse… they haven’t even started it.

And many of them were almost a little ashamed to even say it. So it got me thinking that watching the entire course was never really my intention of creating that 13 Hour Lightroom System. Instead, I wanted to create a reference guide of sorts that could be your one-stop shop for when you had a question on how to do something in Lightroom.

The other thing I heard was that people didn’t even start watching. I can understand. Knowing there’s a 13 hour course waiting for you can be daunting to even start thinking about.

That’s why I’m giving all of you this course. In my eyes you’ve already paid me to teach you Lightroom (well, the basics of what it does). And if you possibly purchased a course longer than you realized you could watch, I don’t want to try to get you to pay for another one that’s shorter. I want you to have both options.

What Next? Which One Should You Watch?

So here ya’ go. My Lightroom Crash Course. What now? Well, if you’re part of the group that hasn’t even started watching the course, maybe watch the crash course instead. It’s only 60 minutes. You won’t know everything there is to know, but you’ll get a quick “win”. And you’ll be ready to think about what areas you may want to dive in and learn more about in the big Lightroom Course.

Or if you’re the type that has started it, but not gone through all of it. Maybe try looking at the Table of contents in the Crash Course and see what areas you don’t know about. Then watch the short version of that topic. Then maybe you’ll know if you want to dive in and learn more about it in the longer course.

How To Download

The download is below. This WILL NOT show up in your course Download list in your My Account section of this website though.

Also, I’m guessing a number of you may need to download the bigger Lightroom Course again too. If you purchased from us, you already have an account on this website. Just click up in the top right to log in. DO NOT REGISTER. You already have an account even if you forgot your password.

If you don’t remember your password, click Lost Password on the log in page and follow the prompts. You’ll need to use the email address you purchased with.
You can also click here to watch a video on it.


Please download the crash course in the next 60 days. We leave this page up, but it won’t stay up forever. Thanks!


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