Lightroom Mobile Tip: Quickly Getting To The Camera

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Here’s a tip that I’m pretty sure snuck by most people in the latest iOS update for Lightroom Mobile. It’s a super fast way to get to the camera. (side note: It only works with the iPhone 6S phones and later)

The first question I usually get from people when I talk about the built-in Lightroom Mobile camera is “why would I even bother when Apple has an app for that”. And honestly, two years ago I’d have agreed with you. But today, the Lightroom Mobile camera is really powerful, and I find I use it most of the time now – especially when taking outdoor/landscape photos.

The Tip

Okay, on to the tip. First, let me set this up. You’re out and about and all of the sudden a cool scene unfolds in front of you. Whether it’s a great landscape photo, or one of your family/friends jump in the picture.

So you reach for your phone, and have to go through the whole process to get to the camera. Of course, iOS has a few things built in to make this faster from the lock screen. And if I’m in danger of missing the photo, I may just use it.

But, if I have an extra few seconds, I’ll unlock the phone and try to use the LR Mobile camera since it’s usually going to give me a better photo. Then, since I keep the app on my home page of apps, all I have to do use 3D Touch and press firmly on the LR Mobile app icon. Up pops a screen with a camera icon – click on it, and you’re in business ready to shoot.

What is 3D Touch? Starting with the iPhone 6S, Apple added new technology that senses how deeply you press the display. You can imagine that with games, and other apps, being able to control things with the pressure of your finger can go a long way.

Anyway, that’s my tip for the day. I included a short video here too since seeing it sometimes helps get a better idea of what’s going on.


  1. Steve Lindemann

    Even easier is the LR mobile widget on “Today view” which lets you swipe right from home screen or even lock screen. Then it’s a simple touch of the camera button on the widget to go right to the LR camera.

  2. Dominick Cass

    Matt, it that your exclusive app for photography with the Iphone? Maybe it’s just me, but I own an Iphone 7 Plus and feel I get clearer pictures using the native camera app than Lightroom Mobile’s camera, especially when zooming in. I am shooting .dng format in Lightroom Mobile, not sure if it’s something i’m missing, but I feel I get far crisper and sharp pictures using the native app, my only issue with the native app is it doesn’t let me shoot raw.

    1. Author
      Matt K

      I haven’t noticed a quality difference. Though I haven’t printed a photo from my phone in a while (which is the true test). And I haven’t really pixel-peeped a comparison between the two. But everything I share online looks as good as it does when shot with the iOS phone.

  3. Art Meripol

    Unfortunately I have a lot of photo apps and so I keep them in a folder. If the LR app is in a folder it doesn’t work as above. It only works if it’s on the screen out of a folder.

    1. Author
      Matt K

      Not sure. I didn’t do anything different other than what I showed here in this video.

  4. Pat Sheets

    What an easy and very useful tip! I prefer to use the LR mobile camera app for DNG format, but disliked the extra effort activating the camera. Thank you so much!

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