A while back I used to release a lot of presets. I realized those presets are scattered among the web, so I’m going to start to consolidate them here in the one place that’s mine (this website). One of the presets that was really popular was this Wedding Glow preset. I went in and re-did a few of the settings to bring them up to date.

Wedding Glow Lightroom Preset

The idea for this preset is to use it on a brighter photo. While it says wedding in the name, it obviously doesn’t have to be a wedding photo. I think they work nice on a lot of outdoor portraits. Probably not those taken on a cloudy day, because I think the “glow” part of this one really does well when mixed with sunshine in a photo.

Suggested Uses

Bright Photos / Sunny Days / Portraits / Photos with the sun in it / Nature and outdoor photos

Suggested Changes to Customize For Your Photo

This one increases the overall exposure, so it could end up too bright for you. You can always decrease the Exposure setting, or try decreasing the Highlights slider too. Also, it has two varieties:

1) Bright Edges (which uses a white vignette)

2) Dark Edges (yep, you guessed it – a dark vignette)

So if you find the vignette too strong, or not strong enough, head to the Vignette panel and change the Amount setting. Pssst… by the way… you can just press Cmd/Ctrl – 7 to get to the Vignette panel automatically (see, you didn’t think you’d get a bonus tip too!) 😉

Download & Sample Image (and a Favor to Ask)

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Note: If you’re not sure whether you already subscribed, adding your address again won’t create a duplicate or cause any problems for you. The system knows, and you won’t get added twice. 


First, here’s a before / after of a couple of examples using the presets:


Download Link: You can download the presets right here (click here to download).

Want More Lightroom Presets?

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Also, below is a video on how to install and organize presets in case you need help.


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