Adobe just released a sneak peek of some MAJOR changes coming to Lightroom and Photoshop Camera Raw. Up until this point, I’ve always thought that the introduction of the brush and gradient tools in LR 2 were big.

After that, there was the radial filter which was also big. And of course, over the years, there were a number of nice features added here and there. Then… 3 years ago we got Profiles which (to me at least) was the biggest change since the introduction of the brush.

But now I think I have a new winner to classify as THE biggest change that I’ve seen in Lightroom in 10 years. The way masking and your local adjustment tools (brushes and gradients) work is getting totally redefined.

Complicated… but Much Needed

At first glance, I’ve had a lot of people ask me if this is going to change what they know about Lightroom. Lightroom at its core won’t change. Everything you’ve done today will work the same. How you import and organize and edit your photos will be the same.

Everything except the Brush / Gradient / Masking tools. Those are undergoing a big change. Existing edits will be fine and won’t be adjusted.

But the way you USE these tools and the power behind them is pretty major. Heck… it took me almost 2 weeks of fiddling with it to really understand what you can do, and how powerful it is.

Don’t freak out though… if you want to use them in a simple way, I actually think that will become even easier. As a teacher first, I’m most excited at how approachable this will make brushing / masking to dive in to. It will be much clearer for new people. But to really unlock the power of what they’ll offer is definitely going to take some practice.

Stay tuned because I’ll be releasing videos to help out once the new version ships. But in case you want a sneak peek, I did a quick live session the other day and it talks a little more about it.

Oh, and if you want to read the article from Adobe and watch their short video, click here to watch.


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