Last week I posted a cityscape of Los Angeles. Well, the photo I posted had the sun coming up behind me so the sky had virtually no good color to it. One of the things I love about shooting in the Twilight time (right before the sunrises or right after it sets) is the colors you see in the sky. The pinks and magentas, as they fade toward blue. So I grabbed another photo the other day, but this time I took it at sunset because the sun set right in front of me. There’s not much in the way of clouds, but I like the sky color much better.

(click to see it larger)

Another Technique
I also used a layering technique that I always use when shooting city skylines. I’ll cover it in detail in the class I’m going to record for KelbyOne.com on shooting cityscapes, but basically it involves shooting two photos. I have the camera on a tripod and I shoot right after the sun goes down (or within 5-10 minutes) so I can catch that nice color in the sky. The problem is that it’s still so bright out that the lights in the buildings don’t really appear as bright yet. So I wait another 20 minutes and take another photo when it gets dark. From there, a little Photoshop layering magic and you’ve got the photo I have here.

I’m off on Spring Break with the kiddos this week so this may be my only post. It depends on how crazy they get 😉 Have a good one!


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