How To Make Your Own Lightroom and Photoshop Profiles LUTs

I’ve been getting a lot of questions on making your own Lightroom / Photoshop profiles. While Adobe does have an SDK for this, it gets pretty techie and detailed. So I thought I’d break it down and give you the basics of what you need to create them.

Also, I do have a basic video explaining profiles, as well as a free profile pack on this page if you’re interested. Plus, there’s a big sale on my profile bundle.

NOTE: This is an advanced tutorial. I tried to break it down as best I could, but creating profiles and LUTs is a fairly advanced topic so just set your expectations ahead of time 🙂



OK, I bought the 3DLutCreator and it is fascinating but I have not been able to learn it sufficiently to actually use it. It is not as easy as they make out. When are you going to do a tutorial on that?

Paal B

And by the way, thanks! I have tried this out on my own and it is great getting the confirmation that I have been on the right track. And now the rest is easy thanks to you.


Did I hear correctly, I need both Photoshop and LR to work in RAW format?


Hi Matt, I saw that before you start to create the profile in lightroom, your default profile is “color”. I read in a bunch of sites that people recomend “standard”. can you explain why you choose “color”? also please explain the other part when you choose adobe rgb, what’s the difference there? Thank you very much!

Steve Director

Matt – great video but …. you and I have discussed the location of profiles before. I store my presets with my catalog. And I keep my catalog on Dropbox so it is accessible from multiple computers. So when I go to “Show Lightroom Presets” folder the CameraRaw folder is not there. The approach you are using seems to only work if you do not check the “Store Presets with this Catalog” box in the Preset Preference window. Or am I completely doing something wrong? Thanks.

Ken Leaman

Matt: Thanks for your welcome and helpful video. I’ve installed your Free Profiles as indicated (MacOS LrClassicCC ), and they reveal/action as expected.

However, there’s NO response to any RightClick or Alt-RightClick re ANY MattK/Adobe profile
Have you any remedial suggestions ?

Matt K

Hi Ken. Right click will work in Camera Raw, it won’t work in Lightroom though. Other than that, I don’t have any ideas why it wouldn’t work if you’re in Camera Raw.


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