Hi there! In light of some recent Adobe news (and WAY to many click bait titles with false information), I’ve been getting bombarded with questions about switching from Adobe. I can’t answer them all so I realized it was time to do something.

So I created a mini course that compares some of the main alternatives to Adobe. Best of all, the course is completely free. Just head over to my store and checkout like normal. The cost will be $0, so you won’t even have to put in a credit card or anything. 

Click here to download the course, “Thinking About Switching From Adobe” free of charge.

What Does the Course Cover?

The course is an overview of the main alternatives to Lightroom (and some Photoshop… but mostly Lightroom). I’ll warn you up front. It’s mostly unbiased. However, I can’t do a course like this without giving my personal input and feedback. So you will find a bit of bias here and there, but I tried to hold back 😉

Anyway, I go over a few of of the top contenders in detail. I start with the “Pros” of each software and then cover some of the “cons”. I talk about how closer of a replacement they really are and where the strengths and weaknesses are. I even cover a how much community/education I think is out there for each one since that’s also an important topic.

What Alternatives to Lightroom Are Covered?

In the course I talk about ON1 Photo Raw 2019, Skylum’s Luminar, Capture One Pro, Affinity Photo, and DxO Photolab in great detail. I also cover Alien Skin, Perfectly Clear, Topaz, Zoner Photo Studio, and a couple of others too, although they’re not really full alternatives at this point.

Coupon Codes

I also secured a few coupon codes and discounts for you. You’ll find them in the Outline PDF when you download the course.


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