Thought I’d have a little fun today. I captured this photo a month or so ago when I was at Ft. Desoto making some videos for my Bird Photography Guide. Not only was it interesting to watch, but I got some great action stills and video, so you can actually see the scuffle between the birds taking place in the video below.

Caption This…

I thought it would be fun to caption this one. I don’t know why but what came to mind for me is…

“Mandatory Poke” 🙂

Given the current news these days, I thought it was fitting. Any else have some good ones?

Gear, Settings, and Post Processing

I used my Sony Alpha 1 with the 200-600m lens. I had my camera set to AF-C, using the Zone Focus area area.

I was on Manual Exposure mode using Auto ISO with settings at f/6.3, ISO 800, and 1/5000th sec. (since I had plenty of light and I know I was photographing a smaller faster bird).

Post processing was done in Lightroom for exposure, cropping, color and toning corrections. Then I finished it off with Topaz DeNoise.

As always my editing is covered in my Wildlife Editing Secrets Course. Also, you can find links to all of my gear, computers, hard drives, etc… over on the Gear page which can be clicked on in the top menu (or just click here). And it’s always appreciated if you use the links on that page (even if you’re not purchasing that specific item) when buying anything. It doesn’t cost you a penny and it’ll help me out a bit 🙂

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A Video Too!

I was fortunate enough to capture this squabble on video if you want to see.

Scroll forward to 10 minutes 30 seconds to see the action.

The rest of it is some tips, etc… for capturing action but I have shared this video before so you may have seen it. If not, it’s worth watching the whole thing. Enjoy!


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