Over the past year or so, my buddy Brian Matiash has made the move from DSLR to the Sony Mirrorless system. Brian’s one of my very good friends, so I’ve gotten to watch and talk to him as he’s made the move, and it’s been a really interesting thing to see. As I’m out there teaching, mirrorless cameras are probably one of the most-asked things I hear about, and since I personally haven’t made the move, there’s not too much info I can give.

Well, this week Brian released an ebook (totally free by the way), called Moving to Mirrorless – My Transition from DSLR to the Sony Mirrorless System. In the book he talks about his move, the ups and downs, the gear, and of course shows lots of his beautiful photos throughout. If you’ve been considering a move yourself, then it’s definitely something to look at.

Now, many of my friends write books and I don’t do full blog posts on all of them, but this one really struck home with me for a few reasons.

1. Brian is an incredibly great guy. Anyone who’s met him knows that. But he’s probably one of the best writers I know. I follow him on social media as well and I see this first hand every day. He’s got a great storytelling way about his style. So from a “book” perspective, I think you’ll really enjoy this one.

2. I can tell you personally, that I’ve shot most of the mirrorless systems out there and the Sony A7 system (mostly the A7R for me), has been the top one that I’ve shot. The images are pristine and the quality coming out of that 36MP camera is stunning. So if you’re considering that move to mirrorless, the camera he’s mostly writing about is the way to go in my book (and obviously in his book too – sorry, really bad joke). 😉

The eBook is Free

Here’s a link to download the ebook. It’s totally free by joining Brian’s mailing list. Enjoy and have a great weekend!


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