Animals, People, Planes, and Vehicles

Take the guesswork out of action photography…
Master the autofocus + settings, and nail the shot every time!

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Understand What Makes a Photo Sharp

Part 1 (The Basics)

Learn what makes up a sharp photo. In this section you’ll learn the key elements to a sharp photo, as well as the Exposure and and Stabilization require for sharp photos of moving subjects. 

Part 2 (General Auto Focus Review)

In this section you’ll learn about Auto Focus in general terms, so that you have your expecations set on what’s really happening. Regardless of the camera, Auto Focus is the same, and this section will teach you the fundamentals of everything that affects it. 

Part 3 (Camera Specific Auto Focus)

In this section we’ll look at 4 camera brands (Canon, Sony, Nikon and Olympus) and look through their Auto Focus area settings. You’ll get a better understanding of how the previous concepts relate to your camera brand and the areas that will affect how and what you focus on.  

Part 4 (How Would I Shoot It?)

In this section, I’ll play various videos of moving subjects (planes, animals, people) and draw on the video describing what Auto Focus settings I would use to capture each subject and each changing scene. This way, you get exposed to some real world situations and thoughts on how to capture them.

Part 5 (Putting It All Together)

In this last section, we put everything together and cover any remaining topics like how to photograph things in motion, that also have motion on them (prop blur on planes and helicopters, introducing motion in backgrounds and slow shutter speed panning). We’ll also take a look at shutter speed guidelines for various moving subjects and finish the course off with a video on Misconceptions and Problems you may encounter while shooting. 

“Getting a sharp photo of a moving subject used to be a surprise to me!”

I Never Knew What My Results Would Be…

Back when I started in photography I only photographed landscapes. And while there are many things we have to learn to photograph a good landscape, focussing isn’t really one of them. Photographing still subjects requires very little of your camera.

But eventually I moved on to some sports and events, where my subjects were moving. And somehow, I managed to photograph many events through trial and error. I didn’t know much about Auto Focus, the shutter speeds required, and what the camera was doing (and what I needed to do) to ensure the photos were in focus.

But some of the time, I got lucky…

To put it bluntly, It was a surprise to me if a photo was sharp and in focus. I didn’t know until I reviewed the photo on the back of the camera – or worse yet, when I got home.

And looking back, it was a stressful and uneasy experience.
It’s not fun to spend thousands on camera gear, to spend your time and money getting to places to photograph moving subjects, and it all boiled down to me getting lucky and wondering the entire time. 

That’s why I created this course. For a very small percentage of $$ compared to what you’ve invested in your gear, I will get you to a place where you KNOW you have the right settings and you KNOW you’ll walk away with sharp photos of moving subjects.

Confidence is worth everything, and once you understand what it takes, you’ll have that confidence too. 

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Sample Lessons and Full Course Outline



Sample Lessons and Full Course Outline



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• Photographing Moving Things Course

• Crystal Clear Photos Mini Course – Learn My Adobe Noise Reduction, Sharpening, and Upsizing Workflow in 2024.
Don’t just learn how to photograph those moving subjects. Learn how to keep them sharp during the editing process and make them crystal clear. On sale for 50% off with the Premium Bundle.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a subscription?

No. You buy the course and you own it. You can log in and stream it online any time you want or you can download it to your computer and put it on any device you want to watch as many times as you’d like.

What genre of photography do you cover?

There is no specific genre of photography covered. Photographing moving things involves all photography genres. Once you learn the foundation of what it takes, and understand the concepts and settings, you can apply what you learn to any genre. As I said in my intro video… I want to make you confident and feel like there’s no photography situation some one can throw at you that you can’t handle. 

What camera's do you cover?

This really isn’t about a specific camera. This is about teaching you what makes a sharp photo of a moving subject. But, there are some videos where I show camera specific things, and those videos cover Canon, Sony, Nikon and even Olympus.

But I'm worried that I won't be able to follow you if you don't show my specific camera?

Please don’t. If you do, you’re missing out on an amazing chance to learn the most important and under utilized part of your camera that will give you the most confidence.

There is a sample videos where I talk a little about this so feel free to watch that.

In short, while I set out to create the course doing all videos with the Big 3 camera brands, I quickly realized it was redundant. They all work the same. Some have minor differences in what they call the settings, but these videos will help you understand that and will also give you a good jump start for you to research a little more about your specifics. Trust me when I say this… don’t let a camera model that is or isn’t covered stop you from this course.

It costs $49 and I promise you it’s worth 10 times that to learn this stuff.

What skill level do I have to be?

This course is meant for any photographer that doens’t feel comfortable with what it takes to make sharp photos of moving subjects. I know people who are expert still life, landscape and even portrait photographers that don’t know this stuff. So it’s hard to give a skill level. If you ever wonder if your photo will be sharp or not and don’t have a good feel for what it takes to get there, then the course is for you.

Will I need any software for this course?

Absolutely not. This is about cameras, not software. 

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