If you’re looking for some weekend viewing then I’ve got two shows you’ve got to see if you’re a photographer. A few months ago, RC Concepcion and I did a series of photography shows on DTown TV on our favorite lenses. We went over lenses for portraits, landscapes, sports, weddings and overall, just our favorite lenses for what we shoot.

Lenses Change All The Time
Since the show’s release, not too much has changed in the lens market. I did see Nikon released an 18-300 lens for a DX body. If had a DX body, I’d definitely add this as one of my favorite lenses for just walking around. You can’t beat a focal length range like that. Also, a couple of weeks ago I wrote about my change from the Nikon 14-24mm to the 16-35mm lens. But that’s about it.

Enjoy watching and have a great weekend!

Show 1 (Landscapes and Portraits)

Show 2 (Travel, Sports, and Weddings… well kinda)


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