I had a few people ask me yesterday (after the Story Behind the Photo post) about which bag I carry when I’m out in the field. That’s easy! I’ve had the same bag for years now and, no matter how many other bags I try, I find myself going back to this one. It’s called the Boda Bag. I first found this bag about 5 years ago from my good friend Jeff Revell. I bought my first one right after that and as soon as they came out with version 2, I bought that one as well.

It was designed by Jim Garner (a wedding photographer), but I find it suits my hiking, outdoor and landscape shooting, as well as it does my portrait shoots.

It’s A Lens Bag – Not A Camera Bag
The first thing to know about the Boda Bag is that it’s a lens bag, not a camera bag. So you’re not meant to pack everything into it. For the most part, you’re supposed to be carrying your camera and just storing lenses and any small accessories in the bag. However, for me, since I generally only have 2 lenses in the bag, I can get the camera in there too if I need my hands free. It’s a little snug (really snug if you have a battery grip), but it can still be done.

It’s Not A Travel Bag
It’s also not a travel bag. When I travel I swear by the ThinkTank Airport Airstream. I pack my Boda bag full of clothes and stuff and put it in my big suitcase. Then, when I’m going out into the field, I load what I need into the Boda Bag.

For my landscape work, I make it a point to travel light. One camera body and (usually) two lenses. Maybe a few filters, an extra battery, memory cards and a bottle of water. So this system works perfectly for me because it fits all of that, and everything has it’s own little place.

I Am On The Lookout For Something New
All of this said, like every photographer out there, I’m always on the lookout for the perfect bag. We all probably have 3-4 of them (maybe more) in our closets right? 😉 As I get more adventurous in my outdoor photography goals, I think I’m going to need something more backpack-like. The Boda Bag sits around your shoulder and tends to dangle if you’re moving around. It’s almost like a messenger bag, so you can picture what happens as you start climbing up and down things. So far I haven’t found anything better though, and regardless of what bag I may eventually choose, the Boda Bag will always be one of the ones I go to if I’m just walking around and want to travel light.

But… if you have any good, light, and easily accessible suggestions I’m all for it, so please let me know. Thanks!


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