Recently Scott Sheppard interviewed me for Nik Radio. When we first started he mentioned we’d go for around 30-40 minutes and I thought “what the heck are we gonna talk about?”. As we started talking, Scott asked a lot of questions about me and how I got into the business and all that. 30 minutes later I realized I can talk about me all day. 😉

    Some questions he asked:
    • How did I get into photography?
    • How I got started with Photoshop (which btw… has nothing to do with Photography)
    • Why I moved from New Jersey to Florida (again, has nothing to do with photography or Photoshop).

We talked about my grades in high school, my post processing, what types of photos I like to shoot and places that I’d love to go photograph. It was lots of fun and Scott is really good at keeping everything moving along and asking good questions.

You can download the interview MP3 file directly here. You can also catch it over on iTunes (here’s the link). It’s the show that was released on 6/7 but there’s lots of other great interviews on there as well, so poke around while you’re there. Enjoy and please share it around when you get the chance.


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