Hey there and happy Monday. I just wanted to let you know that my new eBook is out (and my first eBook-only, not print, book). It’s called Landscape Photography Workflow Using Lightroom and Photoshop and is up for sale for $9.99 on Amazon and iBooks. The ebook actually came out at the end of last year, but there were some formatting issues where the font was too small on some devices (it was fine on the Kindle app on my iPad). But we’ve re-released it to the Amazon Kindle store and it’s also out on the iBooks store.

What’s the Book About?
It’s about my landscape photography workflow in both Lightroom and Photoshop (duh! I guess the titled kinda told you that) πŸ™‚ I basically documented my entire workflow. And I did it for different types of photos. Each chapter walks you through a photo from start to finish. And each chapter covers a different type of landscape photo: sunrise, sunset, twilight/blue hour, waterfalls, beaches, cloudy days, etc… Β In a nutshell, I start in Lightroom and then jump to Photoshop for any quick retouching, distraction cleanup or plug-in work.

Who’s the Book For?
I did write up front in the introduction to the book, that this is not a beginners book. I don’t teach Lightroom or Photoshop from scratch. I’m assuming you know how to get your photos in to Lightroom and can make your way around the Develop module. It’s not advanced either though. There’s no crazy settings or hidden techniques that a beginner wouldn’t be able to pick up right away. Just my workflow, in a non-beginner and non-advanced way πŸ˜‰

Note: Oh and by the way, if you check out the book’s page on Amazon, you’ll notice there’s two one-star reviews (as of now, Monday Feb. 3rd). The first review was from some one that couldn’t change the font size in the book (and we’ve fixed that since then). But sadly, the other 1-star review is actually from some one who didn’t even buy the ebook. He was just upset that we took the book down so we could fix the formatting. He even said “I’m sure it’ll be good, but I can’t buy it…” πŸ˜‰

So I hope you’ll check it out. It’s $9.99 so if you skip a couple cups of Starbucks this week you can make up for it πŸ˜‰ I’ve already heard from a ton of you who have bought it that loved it, so please keep the feedback coming.



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