Hey everyone! I’m really excited to announce that my latest Landscape Photography class just went live. Last August, we went out to Mt. Rainier National Park to record the class. Mt. Rainier has just about everything from waterfalls, lakes, streams, mountains, close-up macro shots, and even the wildflowers were in bloom for a great foreground.

The class starts with me going over the ways I research what location I’m going to. From there I talk a little about the gear I usually shoot with and the camera settings that are almost a formula to get the best shot.

Then we head out for some shooting. In the field I covered what I’m looking for when it comes to light, the sun, and overall composition. I also cover using filters like polarizers and neutral density filters. When to use ’em and when not to.

Finally, you’ll get to see a some places where things didn’t work out well (you have to watch Lesson 8!), but we switched gears and still made some great photos. I just watched most of it yesterday and I have to say that Adam Rohrman (link to his website) and Mark Farag (link to his website) did such an awesome job of shooting and editing this class. They’re incredibly talented and really know how to capture the mayhem of me running around shooting like crazy, while still creating a video that’s easy to follow and helps you learn a ton.

So if you’re in to landscape photography, I hope you’ll check it out. Here’s the link. Have a great weekend!





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