Happy New Year everyone! I’m getting back in to “work”-mode and thought I’d post an absolutely useless list of some random holiday accomplishments (or lack of) of mine.

Number of Photography-related gifts I received: Zero (I think my family has finally realized that I buy everything I want when it comes to photography) 😉

Number of Kid’s Presents That Needed Book Sized Directions to Put Together? 6

Number of Presents Attempted Without Directions Until I Realized I Was Stupid Before Attempting It: 3 (I’m a slow learner)

Number of iTunes Gift Cards Bought: 5

Number of iTunes Gift Cards Received: 5 😉  (it’s a wash)

Number of Times I Wore My Ugly Holiday Sweater: 13

Number of Times I Embarrassed My Kids By Wearing My Holiday Sweater: 13

Number of Times Worn Consecutively Without Washing It: 8 😉

(here’s a really bad iPhone photo below of the really bad sweater)


Number of Books Read: 1 (Kindle version of “Jab Jab Jab Right Hook” by Gary Vaynerchuck – Awesome book btw!)

Number of New Years Resolutions Made: 1 (eat less carbs)

Number of Resolutions I’m Sure I Broke on the First Day: 1

Number Holiday Shows Watched: 34 (I’m a total sucker for any holiday movie/cartoon – Though National Lampoon Christmas Vacation is still my favorite)

Number of IPA beers Drank Over the Week: 28.5 (sadly half of one of my Dogfish 90 minute IPAs was horrifically spilled one night)

Number of Photos Taken With DSLR: 0

Number of Photos Taken With iPhone: 112

Number of Holiday Cookies Eaten: Let’s just say I’m hittin’ my Crossfit gym hard this week

Number of Gems Spent In Clash of Clans: 132

Time Spent Drooling Over Winter Photos on 500px.com: Hours! I could just stare at them all day! Here’s a link to my latest favorites.

Best Customer Service Witnessed Over Holiday: It’s a tie between Delta Airlines and Enterprise Car Rental. They both went above and beyond during some travel issues.

All joking aside, I sincerely hope you had a wonderful holiday and happy new year. Have a good one!


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