Adobe made some pretty big announcements this week and I wanted to write some quick thoughts about questions I’ve been getting.

Q. What Did Adobe Announce?
A. They announced some pricing increases as well as releasing a new version of Photoshop (not a Beta) that has AI Powered Generative Fill built in. You can read more here (Click Here).

Q. Is my $9.99 / month Photoshop and Lightroom Photography plan going up?
A. Nope. Right now that is not part of the price increases they announced. I don’t know how. I don’t know why. I full expected that plan’s price to get raised years ago. It was first released back in 2013. I thought it was cheap back then. It hasn’t seen a price increase in 10 years and I don’t really know how. There is nothing from 2013 that hasn’t seen a HUGE price increase compared to today. Looks like the conspiracy rumors of the old “bait and switch” Adobe was pulling on you still haven’t come true. But I’m sure there’s some people holding out on that thought 😉

Q. What about this “credit” system the article mentions about using the AI features?
A. It’s a bit early to tell, but it looks like if you choose to use the AI Fill features in Photoshop or other Adobe apps, there is a Fast option and a slower options. You will get a certain amount of credits for free for the Fast option. Once those credits run out, you’ll have two options.
1) Use a slow option for free… Or…
2) Buy more credits for the fast option.

You will NOT be required to purchase anything though. It is voluntary if you plan on using more credits than you are given.

Personally, I think the system is great. Adobe will… must… and need to increase the price of the photography plan at some point. I don’t think I’ll be writing this post in 2033 and we’ll all still be paying $9.99 a month. However, the credit system is perfect. You have a bunch of people complaining that they don’t want all of this AI stuff. So it’s great. Don’t use it and you don’t get charged. And if you’re some one that wants to use it more… it obviously costs Adobe more… so you should pay more. Sounds like a win/win right now, but who knows how it’ll shake out. As we know… some one will always complain about something 😉

Q. But I don’t want anything to do with any of this AI stuff. Is there a Photoshop I can download that doesn’t have it?
A. There is not a separate version of Photoshop without AI. But just like any other feature in any other program, in the world you have a choice. You can choose to use it. Or you can choose to not use it. If you don’t want any AI stuff, then simply don’t use it. It’s just that simple. 🙂

Q. What is new in Photoshop?
A. Mostly the Generative AI feature that was in Beta is now out of beta and in the full version of Photoshop. It looks like they’ve improved the already great Remove Tool as well.

Q. How do I get the Updates?
A. Through your Creative Cloud updater app like all updates (or some of you have auto updates turned on). The new version is Photoshop 2024 (behind the scenes and in the app it’s referred to as V 25). You may have to restart your Updater app, or even your computer if you don’t see the updates available. And as always, ALL UPDATE QUESTIONS AND TROUBLESHOOTING ISSUES SHOULD GO STRAIGHT TO ADOBE. PLEASE DO NOT POST THEM HERE IN THE COMMENTS.

Q. How can I learn more about the updates?
A. I have a new “Real World Photoshop AI” course that covers real world ways to take advantage of and use Photoshop’s AI features. Click here to find out more.


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