New! The Photoshop System

The Photoshop System has launched.



Bill Araujo


As usual, your training is very easy to follow and spot on. Great stuff here!

One of the things that I really like is the Online pdf. It is fantastic! I’ve taken a lot of other courses where neat tricks or techniques are covered. However, if it’s something I don’t often use, sometimes I forget how the trick or technique is done. If it’s been a while since taking the course, I don’t always know where I saw it so I can go back to it to refresh my memory on how to do it or them. Sometime, I can’t find where I saw it so I am left experimenting. As I’ve said, it’s very frustrating. However, with the way in which you have laid out the sections and with the Online pdf, I don’t think I’ll experience that problem going forward. What a terrific tool! THANK YOU!

BTW, it’s worth every penny!

Sue LaBarge


Got your class and all I can say it is the BEST class I have ever bought!!!! The Ultimate Lightroom class is so detailed and easy to follow and understand. It has helped me learning all the details and ins and outs of Lightroom. Cant wait for you to make a the Ultimate Photo Shop Class. *:-) Your the best Matt.



Matt K,

I purchased the ” Ultimate Lightroom Course” and it is perfect! I believe, Mr.Arujo said it best, and his statement fits me to a tee! It is just what I needed to be able to learn how to use Lightroom. Thank you so much for this course.

Thank you,

Sharlotte Coker


Ok I am a knucklehead – how do I get into the Lightroom course stuff – need to find out next office hours date


Dear Matt,
I am so enjoying your Lightroom Course and the weekly Office Hours webinar. You have put so much rich detail into the course and the ‘extras, and explain so clearly. You are the best kind of teacher: a giving one!

Michael Gross

Okay Matt I am a dufus:

I bought the course and I got parts 1 and 2 on windows 10 ridiculous compressed file system. I like it very much.

But I can’t find the rest of the course! Can I re-download it? Do you know where it is hiding?


Diana K

Hi Michael,

The files might be in your downloads folder. If they’re not, I sent you an email with the download links.



Judy preston

Hey Matt I have been working through your course and just notice I am missing section 6 of the Ultimate Light room Course…..could you resend? Thanks loving the program.

Mo Ashkanani

Hi Matt,

We all hope that you will do a course for Photoshop too.

I really did enjoy every second of the Ultimage one.

Thank you all the way to Planet Mars and from there to the never ending Universe.

Bob Dumon

Three times in the past I had tried to learn how to process RAW files using Lightroom CC and each time gave up on it. After reviewing the content items in your Ultimate Lightroom course I decided to give it one last shot. Now I’m shooting everything in RAW and happily processing the files in Lightroom thanks to your course. My photos looks significantly better, and when I went back to process a jpg file just to compare it to one of my RAW processed files I was amazed at how much better the photo looked after following your course directions. THANK YOU!!! I now have five other photographers interested in taking your course if/when it goes on sale again. I also purchased ON1 for $100, but am struggling to find out what’s so great about that product. Hmmm…. Less happy with that purchase, but your Ultimate Lightroom Course is amazing….

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