ON1 Announces Latest Features Coming Soon

If you’re an ON1 user, you’ve probably noticed a few different things about the way they announce new versions. While most software companies are pretty tight lipped about about new versions/new features, ON1 is usually very public about what’s coming in the months ahead.

Well today, they just announced ON1 Photo Raw Project: Exposed! (LINK) The “Photo Raw Project” was a place where they collected feedback over the last year. Now the “Exposed” part is where they’re announcing the newest features that are coming soon. Or, as they say on their page… “very very soon” πŸ™‚

Anyway, I won’t regurgitate all of the info here. I’ll give you a quick list. But of course you should check out their website for more info.

  • HDR (dynamic range junkies rejoice) πŸ˜‰
    Panoramas (for all of you pano lovers out there)
    Masking Improvements (who doesn’t like some masking love?)
    Updated User Interface (I saw some sneak peaks and it looks great)
    Versions (These are kind of like “Virtual Copies” in Lightroom)

Their website talks in more detail about everything. I don’t know dates, times, prices or anything like that, so the ON1 folks would be the best place to contact for those questions.Β And of course, if you haven’t tried them out yet, you can learn more about ON1 and their software right here.



Sorry if this is well known to everybody but me, but what happened to Portrait? If it’s not mentioned here, does that means it’s not in the near or medium-term pipeline?
Thanks in advance if you have any way to clarify.


Great on all accounts. Those additions will bring even more heat on the competition and On1 Raw even more usable!!

Johnny Boyd

Matt, I hope you and your family as well as RC and Scott’s families fare well in this storm. I just got back from a day in Rockport and these big storms are nothing to take lightly. The destruction I saw just heartbreaking. Be safe my friend.

David Price

Hi Matt
As a dedicated ON1 user, I am looking forward to the improvements. Do you happen to have any inside info, on when ‘coming soon’ is likely to be? I’m guessing some time after all most of the Plus site Autumn Renewals have completed. Say early October.. But, odds on I will be wrong.
Best wishes

Matt K

Hi David – I don’t know exactly. I think ON1 has probably considered NOT giving an exact date, so that they can ship a quality product when it’s done and not just wrap everything up on a certain day because they posted a date on a website. But if you look at history they usually release in October/November πŸ™‚

David Price

Hi Matt
Yes, that fits. And, yes I’d rather that they delay a launch, (when it is necessary to do so). After all that tactic seems to have served them well in the past.
Best wishes, David Price.


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