ON1 Photo Raw 2017.5 Released

If you’re an ON1 user, then you’ll want to download the new “.5” release. Traditionally the .5 releases are always really BIG for ON1 and this one has a bunch of new features. You can get the full list right from their website, but here’s a quick rundown.

  • Lens Correction
  • Compare Mode
  • Detail Pane (merges the sharpening and noise reduction in one place)
  • Better Search (using metadata fields)
  • Clone Stamp Tool
  • Stacking Presets
  • Better Preset Management
  • A Lightroom Migration Assistant (keep in mind it migrates your collections, metadata, but not your Develop settings)
  • Camera Updates

You can find out all of the details over on their website as well as download the update. And if you’re an ON1 Plus member, I’ll be back as a guest coach in July, so I’ll catch you then 🙂



I plan to keep LR for DAM, but with NIK now completely dead I was wondering how you’d compare MacPhun Luminar to ON1 as a replacement for ColorEfex. I know they capabilities beyond that, but since it’s time to learn new software for finishing my photos, trying to decide which to learn?

Matt K

Hi Glenn – Personally I don’t use Luminar. But they’re all basically the same thing (Luminar, ON1 Effects, Topaz, etc…). If you haven’t read my post (link below), spend some time and read it. In my opinion at least, everyone is coming out with the same product with mostly the same filters. At that point, you have to figure out which one works best for you. How the presets look, how the sliders respond, etc… by downloading the free 30-day trial and having a go at it:

Glenn Barlow

Thanks, I had read that article, it was a very good analysis. Like you I have 3 steps: 1 Lightroom, 2. Photoshop (I bought your course) and until now 3. Nik for the reasons you described. I’m not changing steps 1 or 2 but 3 is no longer viable. I’m just looking for that thing that’s does the final processing the best. I have downloaded ON 1, but frankly it will be an investment of time to learn. So far it doesn’t seem to give me the look I’ve learned to like with Nik, but I know how to use Nik so…. I’ll download the trial of MacPhun and see how it works for me.

I understand in your message why not, but was just looking for an edge. I guess the bottom line is there isn’t a better choice, just different ones.

Matt K

Hey Glenn – sorry if I didn’t help give you the “edge”. I switched to ON1 about a month or so after Goolge bought Nik years ago. I knew it was coming and I ditched Nik ASAP. I guess in retrospect, I could have gotten many more years out of it, but I wanted to use Plug-ins from people that cared about them – not just from a company that put them on auto-pilot.
Anyway, it really is about what works for you. I’ve used ON1 long enough that I understand the interface. It definitely is a lot to look at especially if you’re already using LR/PS like I am. But my suggestion would be to forget about Browse, Develop, Resize, and just concentrate on Effects. That module is pretty simple with lots of one-click looks and presets on the left side. Hope that helps a bit more 🙂

Antoni van Tienderen

Same question from my side. Since NIK is dead, I also think to replace it with ON1 or Luminar. What’s the better choice?


It does Matt, thanks. I just had all my customized presets that I then tuned per image in Nik and have been reluctant to give them up. The old dog thing…

Frank Herzog

Thank you Thank you for the suggestion about using ONLY Effects in ON1. I have been frustrated feeling I was obligated to use much more even thought Effects was the place I stopped more than any other. I’ve downloaded JUST the Effects panel and look forward to being able to incorporate some of the neat things it does with my workflow.

lance saunders

I know your getting the same question but specifically in regards to Nik Silver fx black and white conversions I loved this plug in. Therefore which of the two On1 , Luminar or something else would you recommend for the black and white photographer? . Nik for me was intuitive , had great pre- sets, and also allowed you to adjust pretty much anything you wanted to within your photos. Based on those criteria what would you recommend I start fresh on.
Also any idea which one will be around for awhile before google buys their unique code and dumps it on scrap heap?

Matt K

Hi Lance – I personally recommend ON1. It’s got great presets for B&W. As for Google purchasing them, who knows? Years ago, I’d have never though they’d buy Nik, so that goes to show you what I know 🙂


There are many videos on editing and enhancing photos in ON1 Photo Raw. However, there is no training like your Lightroom course or your Photoshop System. Have you considered doing a similar training program for ON1 Photo Raw? I find the learning curve to be quite steep.

Bruce Titus

I was able to create some very nice photos using On1 Photo RAW 2017.5. Then I made the HUGE mistake of downloading and installing 2017.6.

* The color picker for the color fill layers produces colors that aren’t even close to the chosen color. Trying to touch up a blue sky with a purple color fill layer is an exercise in futility.

* Sometimes when I go from Layers into Effects the software reapplies lens correction without being told to. The result is that objects in one layer don’t line up with the objects in the layer below… which makes layers virtually useless.

* The latest horror is that 2017.6 locks up about 70% of the time when I try to save my work… and all the work is lost!



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