ON1 Photo Raw 2017.6 Is Available

If you’re an ON1 user, then you’ll be happy to know that they just released an update: 2017.6. And while some updates are usually just bug-fixes and camera updates, this one has a lot of cool things in it. Here’s a quick list, but of course you’ll find more complete coverage over on their website.

  • Probably one of my favorites. I’ve been asking for this one for a LONG time… New Kelvin Color Temp — When processing raw photos, the color temperature range is now measured in Kelvin degrees, giving a larger and more accurate range to make adjustments. I always felt the older method just made the image look orange – but now it actually warms it for a different feeling.
  • New Fast Preview Mode — Allows you to go through all your photos quickly and not having to wait on the cataloging process
  • New Cataloged Folders — Indexed folders are now a newly enhanced “cataloged folders” which are scanned and kept up-to-date automatically, large previews are generated and cached. I think this is a good step in the right direction. At first, a lot of folks think ON1 doesn’t have a catalog. But it does and it should. There’s certain things you can’t without a catalog. I think making the clear distinction when you catalog something and when you don’t will help.
  • New Rotate Photos Anywhere — Now you can rotate photos in any view in Browse, Develop or Effects
  • New Compressed Photoshop Files — Woo hoo!!! Layered file creators rejoice!!! When you export or create Photoshop PSD files, they are now losslessly compressed, making them half the size they used to be. Did I say woo hoo!!!
  • Browse Performance Improvements — Faster thumbnail load time and fit-screen previews with caching so it’s even faster the next time you view the same photos
  • Other Improvements — Zooming and panning the photo is more intuitive and the Crop tool now remembers the last used used crop settings
  • Photo Via improvements — Updated support for new Google and Dropbox sign-in versions and updated, labels improved, bugs fixed
  • Increased the maximum amount of motion blur — This may seem like a small fix, but if you’ve ever tried to use this, you’ll like it.
  • Added Lens Correction for fixed-lens cameras
  • Added support for the Canon 6D Mark II, Olympus TG-5, Nikon D7500, Leica TL2, Canon Rebel SL2/200D
  • And of course… the obligatory “Other bug fixes and performance improvements” 🙂

The update is, of course, free for ON1 Photo Raw 2017 users. Just click here to download and for the full release notes.


Susan Quinn

Does the Kelvin scale go low enough to work with Infrared images (2000K)?. In LR I need to download DNG file from Adobe to enable accessing the lower end of the range.

Cynthia Fink

There’s certain things you can’t without a catalog. I think making the clear distinction when you catalog something and when you don’t will help

You’re missing the word “do.” There’s certain things you can’t [do] without a catalog.


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