If you’re an ON1 user, then you’ll be happy to know that they just released an update: 2017.6. And while some updates are usually just bug-fixes and camera updates, this one has a lot of cool things in it. Here’s a quick list, but of course you’ll find more complete coverage over on their website.

  • Probably one of my favorites. I’ve been asking for this one for a LONG time… New Kelvin Color Temp — When processing raw photos, the color temperature range is now measured in Kelvin degrees, giving a larger and more accurate range to make adjustments. I always felt the older method just made the image look orange – but now it actually warms it for a different feeling.
  • New Fast Preview Mode — Allows you to go through all your photos quickly and not having to wait on the cataloging process
  • New Cataloged Folders — Indexed folders are now a newly enhanced “cataloged folders” which are scanned and kept up-to-date automatically, large previews are generated and cached. I think this is a good step in the right direction. At first, a lot of folks think ON1 doesn’t have a catalog. But it does and it should. There’s certain things you can’t without a catalog. I think making the clear distinction when you catalog something and when you don’t will help.
  • New Rotate Photos Anywhere — Now you can rotate photos in any view in Browse, Develop or Effects
  • New Compressed Photoshop Files — Woo hoo!!! Layered file creators rejoice!!! When you export or create Photoshop PSD files, they are now losslessly compressed, making them half the size they used to be. Did I say woo hoo!!!
  • Browse Performance Improvements — Faster thumbnail load time and fit-screen previews with caching so it’s even faster the next time you view the same photos
  • Other Improvements — Zooming and panning the photo is more intuitive and the Crop tool now remembers the last used used crop settings
  • Photo Via improvements — Updated support for new Google and Dropbox sign-in versions and updated, labels improved, bugs fixed
  • Increased the maximum amount of motion blur — This may seem like a small fix, but if you’ve ever tried to use this, you’ll like it.
  • Added Lens Correction for fixed-lens cameras
  • Added support for the Canon 6D Mark II, Olympus TG-5, Nikon D7500, Leica TL2, Canon Rebel SL2/200D
  • And of course… the obligatory “Other bug fixes and performance improvements” 🙂

The update is, of course, free for ON1 Photo Raw 2017 users. Just click here to download and for the full release notes.


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