One Hour Coaching Setup

Hi and welcome to my 1-hour coaching page. These meetings are mostly sold out and available in very limited quantities.

Why Coaching?

These 1-hour online “meetings” are perfect if you’ve got something you need personal help with that you’re not getting elsewhere. Ideas for coaching calls are:

  1. Help with a specific photo or editing technique.
  2. Having me watch your workflow and make suggestions.
  3. Have me edit some of your photos you’re having trouble with.
  4. Portfolio reviews along with editing suggestions.
  5. Help printing and settings with printing.
  6. Camera techniques or help with specific photography related questions.
  7. Almost anything you can think of…

But… Here are some things that these calls are not good for:

  1. Help finding your photos that you’ve lost. That’s your job. I can’t help with that.
  2. Software crash problems… That’s the software company’s job 😉
  3. Computer problems. Hard drive problems. Wacom tablet problems… etc…
  4. Technical printer problems (clogging, errors, etc…)
  5. Camera equipment failures. You guessed it… some one else’s job!

What You Get?

When you sign up for a 1-hour call you get a 60-minute meeting with me and me only. No distractions… just you and me talking about any geeky photography stuff that you want. The meeting will be recorded and sent to you.

What You Need?

These meetings are hosted through the industry standard online meeting place called Zoom. You will need a microphone to communicate with me and preferably a webcam of some sort (most computers have them built in). The webcam isn’t a requirement but I’ve found it dramatically helps us communicate with each other.


The cost is $297 for the one hour meeting payable immediately after you pick your time slot.

How to Schedule a Meeting?

You can schedule the meeting below from available time slots. I suggest putting that time slot on your calendar right away. Immediately after you schedule the meeting you’ll be taken to a payment page.

NOTE: If payment is not made within 10 minutes of scheduling the meeting, the meeting will automatically be cancelled and that time slot will be put back on the calendar.


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