Well it’s official… I got my Nikon D800 last week. I’ve been using (well, borrowing) one for months now from whoever I could, but I finally pulled the trigger and bought one of my own. A few weeks back I wrote about my comparison on the D800 vs. the D800E. In the end I said I was going with the D800 because I didn’t see enough extra sharpness in the D800E to make it worth it. Here’s the link to the comparison I did in case you want to go read it.

However, there’s one more reason I chose the D800. See, even though the extra sharpness of the 800E wasn’t incredibly convincing, I almost thought “Why not?”. I mean, I don’t shoot things where moiré patterns would be a problem so I was almost tempted to just get the D800E. I mean, extra sharpness (even if it’s just a little) is a good thing right.

The Reason
So the final reason I chose the D800 (and not the E) is because of resale. I’m the kind of person that will probably buy the next version of the D800 when it comes out. That means that selling my existing D800 will eventually become a reality for me. Well, I noticed how much uncertainty revolves around the D800E. And you know what uncertainty leads to right? Yep, the dark side of the force…. oh… sorry wrong movie ;). Uncertainty leads to indecision. We’ve probably all been there. We have a decision to make, but because of some little nagging thought/idea/rumor that we heard about something, we hold off. So I thought to myself, when it comes to resale of the D800, nobody is going to second guess buying it based on any information they heard about possible moiré (even though it’s highly unlikely most people will ever see it).

Anyway, I’m now the proud new owner of a Nikon D800. It’s a little weird though, because I’ve been shooting with this camera for months now already. In fact, my wife saw the box last night and asked if I was “excited” to get it. I am definitely excited to own one, and not have to worry about whether it’ll be available for me to borrow when I need it. But I don’t have that New Camera Excitement that we usually get when you make a purchase like that because I’ve already shot with it so much. But I guess that’s a good testament to the D800. I’ve been shooting with it, on and off, for at least 6 months now. Given the choice to buy it or something else, I still went with with the D800. I’m heading out to Arizona and Monument Valley this weekend with Bill Fortney and His Light Workshops and I’m really psyched to put this baby to the test in some of those places.

Have a good one!


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