Photo Makeover – Landscape with Challenging Light (Episode 3)

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Photo Makeover, but it’s back! This time around there’s only 1 photo, but I like to keep my videos on the short side. It’s really fun for me to look through your photos and then creating the video so I hope you enjoy!

This time around it’s a landscape photo with challenging light. I use mostly Lightroom with a little bit of Photoshop.




Wow, talk about dramatic! Looked like an entirely different photo after you were done. What a great technique, especially the finishing touch with the lighting. Thanks Matt.


Great work Matt…could you not do the same saturation technique in Lightroom minus the blend mode of course and I am assuming this is why you jumped to PS?


Matt: I know you often like to apply artistic style to your photos – and I do too. Given your past (and present) association with ON1 – why would you not jump over there and apply your styling with Effects. You often “preach” that you work from LR to do your basic adjustments and then over to ON1 Effects for styling – yet you don’t do this in this video.

Just a thought. Always like your videos – both here and “elsewhere”. Great photo makeover btw!


Matt K

Hey Ian – I guess for me, when I’m brushing I just find Photoshop easier than ON1. I just feel more at home with my adj layers, brushes, and masks and layers.
ON1 for me, is more about quick presets for “looks”. Thanks.

Robert (Bob)

Very much like that light sculpting that you utilized in PS. Your edits in LR, do make me think to do more while there.

Thanks for the this session.


Thanks Matt for putting this video makeover on. I will have a go myself on one my shots now

Nina Cleven

I’ve noticed when I try to bring out detail in areas that are very dark, like the photo you worked on, that I sometimes get purple artifacts showing up. Any suggestions on how to avoid that happening? Very nice edit, Matt.

Matt K

Hi Nina – that’s usually the result of the camera/sensor. Not all cameras are the same. Some respond a different to opening up shadows, so there’s really not a way to avoid it other than to photograph the shadows brighter. Thx.

Tracy Hart

What an amazing difference! I can’t wait to give it a try with some of my mountain pictures from vacation! Thanks Matt!


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