Photo Makeover – Lightroom and Photoshop (Episode 2)

Here’s the 2nd episode of Photo Makeovers. The series isn’t about editing my photos – it’s about editing yours. I’ve realized that if I just edit my photos it eventually becomes kind of boring since my photos may be totally different from yours. But this series let’s me work with entirely new photos. I know it takes me out of my comfort zone and I sure hope it helps give you some ideas for your processing as well. This time around I edited 3 photos ranging from a black and white, to a large landscape, and down to a smaller more intimate garden setting type photo.

Also, I showed some of the lens flare techniques I use, and shared a couple of links where I got them. Here’s the direct links in case you want to see them:


  1. Adobe Stock
  2. Bellevue Avenue

I hope you enjoy!



Great job Matt! This photo makeover helps with putting more thought into constructing the shot. Will always look at a ‘blown out’ sky in a very positive way.


Thanks for another great video, Matt. Loved your trick of using sun flare, that really added to the photos. And then making that into a preset, very cool.

Matt K

Thanks Nikki – it’s fun! I had actually never done it before and just tried it the other day. My wife was in the room and I was look “wow!”… I need to show that one 🙂


Thank you so much, Matt! (mine is the first photo with the old bench in the rainy garden). I live in the Northwest and find myself taking a lot of photos with grey to meh skies in the spring (i.e. lots of green and flowers with flat light). What great ideas for dealing with difficult light! I can’t wait to learn layers in PS. Clearly they will be very useful. But the video sent me back to your LR instructions on the radial filter, and then I spent the last hour playing with adding rays of warmer light to similar photos. What a great tool!

Dee Dee Dee Werner

Learning a lot about LR! Thanks for that! I have a question about cropping……. I love to free form crop but I am concerned that later down the road I might want to print it into a 8×10 for example. I shoot with a full frame camera, but I am worried that the aspect ratio may not be the same, so I always try to crop to an 8×10. The only printing issues I’ll have then is when I want to print to a 5×7. Am I correct in thinking this??

Hugh McKean

Mat have you ever looked at photonerds university on you tube and how they use the adjustment brush and the graduated filter to create specific colour masks in lightroom

Paul Croft

Great stuff Matt, I love seeing how you lift a photo from OK-ish to something much more keepable. I am subscribed and will be watching all your makeovers.


I agree! I take a lot of ok-ish photos and now I’m excited to jump back in and see what else I can do.

Doug Dean

Love that radial filter! Still using the “old” versions of LR and PS, but you’ve just given me another reason to go with the monthly subscription.
Really enjoy these videos. Thank you so much!


I have taken many photos similar to the first one and I never know what to do with the blown up sky shortr of cropping. . Thanks for this makeover.

Sara Norment

I loved this format. It re-enforces some of the things that we learned in the ultimate light room course.

John Arnold

Thanks Matt – for me this new feature you do is super helpful in helping me learn how to approach not only the editing tools, but how to look at the photo to determine what can be done to enhance. Nice!

Lori P

Thanks, Matt! This is the first time I’ve viewed your photo process. It was amazing. I’m trying to restore very old b&w photos of my grandparents, so I believe any lessons you’ve shown will be helpful.

Great work! I’m looking forward to trying your lessons. I recently subscribed to your site.

Emily Bristor

This is wonderful, seeing the not-so-interesting befores, and the awesome afters that you can get in very little time. I look forward to more of these!


Thanks Matt. This is a very informative and helpful series. Can’t wait for the PS course!


Thank you very much Matt! I like your Photo Makeovers episodes.
This is a very nice supplement to your Lightroom Course.
I am looking forward to your next lesson 🙂


Brilliant tutorial Matt.
Observing three different photos being edited in an easy to follow format provides real skills. Thank you.
Mick UK


Hi Matt,
I am really enjoying this series! I appreciate the tips with the sun flare and radial filter! I really liked the sunflare image because it’s a very soft image. I went to Adobe Stock to find it, but couldn’t. Do you have a direct link to it?
Thanks so much,


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