Photo Makeover – Portrait with a Complex Selection (Episode 4)

Hi everyone. Here’s the latest Photo Makeover video (Episode 4). This time around I worked on a cute portrait of a young child submitted by Bengt Cederman. I used the selection tools to select the background, and then jumped in to Photoshop to blur it a bit and add some depth of field to really help separate the boy from his background.




Always enjoy these videos Matt. Is photo submission limited to your paid members, or can anyone submit? Thanks!

Matt K

Thanks David – For the first round of submissions I limited it to people that bought my courses. But as soon as I get through those photos, I’ll open it up to everyone on my email list. Best thing to do is go to and make sure you’re on the list with your email. It won’t hurt to re-enter so don’t worry. It doesn’t duplicate you. Thx 🙂


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