Hey everyone. I wanted to give you a quick photo update from Jackson Hole and the Grand Tetons. So far though, it’s fairly underwhelming. It’s kinda funny how mother nature works. On Monday, before I left to come out there, I was worried that smoke from the fires would make for some hazy photos. Well, as fate would have it, a storm system came through. Now, that’s great news for the fires and I’m happy that it’s helping the situation. But, as a result, we’ve had pretty dismal skies and views of the tetons since I’ve been here.

Yesterday evening, though, while driving to the Snake River Overlook for a sunset shoot we looked behind us and saw the photo below. So we pulled over and grabbed a few quick photos. It’s not stellar but I’m holing out hope that things will get better 🙂 One thing I didn’t know is that sunsets are hard to photograph here. That’s because the sun goes down behind the mountains about an hour before sunset, so you’re shooting at a bunch of really flat scenery or directly into the sun. But I’m still happy with this photo, as well as some of the others we took.

(Click to see the photo larger)

The D800E is working out great, but I haven’t been able to compare it to the regular D800 yet. I hope to do that today. But I will say the Really Really Stuff TVC-33 Tripod absolutely rocks! I have a new name for this tripod that I’m currently borrowing… mine! 🙂

Wish me luck today. Hoping for a better sunrise since I only have one more day left after this. Have a good one!


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