Back in October I spoke at the PhotoPlus Expo in New York at the Sony Booth. Luckily, Sony records these sessions and puts them up at AlphaUniverse.com so the content can be shared after (even if you couldn’t attend). My latest class, Water is Everywhere, is now up on the site. Here’s a link to watch.

Water is Everywhere!

Sony is pretty cool to work with when it comes to these conferences. I know from my experience, I can spot a paid advertisement right away when I’m walking around an expo. So instead, Sony asked that I come up with a topic that I’m passionate about, and to just simply talk about it. They stress that the topic, photography and inspiration come first. And that the gear plays more of a supportive role in the presentation, and only needs to be mentioned if/when something about it played a part in helping you capture the photo.

So I chose water. I love photographing water, and I thought that was a great topic. There’s so many different ways we can do it, so it seemed to fit right in.

Anyway, I was really happy with the way the presentation went and I’m glad that it’s up online so I can share it. Again, here’s the link if you want to watch it. It’s about 15 minutes so it’s a pretty quick one to get through.

Enjoy and have a good one!


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