Fall Landscape photos are some of the most beautiful images out there. In this free Photoshop and Lightroom tutorial, follow along with me as I show you how to edit a beautiful fall landscape photo from start to finish.

I’ve also included step-by-step instructions to make it easier for you to follow along with this Lightroom tutorial. (Download the photo here)

In Lightroom

  1. Open the Raw file in Lightroom and in the Basic panel adjust the Highlights to -40, Shadows to 73.
  2. Press the Alt (Mac: Option) key and drag the Whites slider to the right till you start to see highlights appear ( I adjusted the Whites to 33). This will give you a good White point.
  3. Press the Alt (Mac: Option) key and drag the Blacks slider to the left till you start to see shadows appear ( I adjusted the Blacks to -24). This will give you a good Black point.
  4. Adjust Clarity to 19.
  5. Adjust Temp to 4,881.
  6. Go to HSL and click on Luminance.
  7. Adjust Orange to 2 and Yellows to 32.
  8. Go to Detail and adjust the Amount of the Sharpening to 91, the Radius to 1.4 and the Detail to 29
  9. Go to Lens Corrections and check Enable Profile Corrections.
  10. Click on the Graduated Filter, click-and-drag to draw a filter that covers most of the sky and mountains.
  11. Adjust the Exposure to -1.27 and the Temp to -14.
  12. Go to Effects and adjust the Amount to -16, Midpoint to 3 and Feather to 100.
  13. Click on the Brush tool and set the Exposure to .57 and paint over the tractor.
  14. Adjust the Temp to 30 and the Exposure to .57.
  15. Click on the Brush tool again and paint over the fog, adjust the Dehaze to -17.

In Photoshop

  1. Press J to grab the Spot Healing Brush, make sure Content Aware is checked.
  2. In the Layers panel add a new blank layer and make sure Sample All Layers is checked.
  3. Zoom in and paint over sensor spots and any distracting elements.
  4. When finished go to the File menu and select Save, this will bring you back to Lightroom.



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