The Photoshop System – Do’s and Don’ts of a Lightroom and Photoshop Workflow

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It feels like it was just a few days ago when I announced my next big training product – The Photoshop System. And now launch week is here. We’re putting the finishing touches on everything, and getting ready for Thursday, but I did have a couple of free Bonus videos to share with everyone for being so patient and helpful during this process.

Why “The Photoshop System”?

I called my Lightroom training The Ultimate Lightroom course. I kind of felt that “ultimate” was a bit overused afterwards though. I see it everywhere. Plus, I didn’t think calling it a course was helping. The Lightroom training really was a system to learn Lightroom – from start to finish. Any of you who bought it, knew that it was like getting 15 courses in one, because that’s how I organized it. 13 Hours of training sounds like a lot. But 15 – one-ish hour courses, broken up to teach you about specific parts of LR is more manageable – and you can jump in and out where ever you want.

So… The Photoshop System was born. And it was actually born from all of your feedback. Believe it or not, this was not going to be my next course. But after the LR course, I received an overwhelming amount of feedback from people asking me to do the same thing for Photoshop.

I started thinking about it and realized there really is no good way for a Lightroom (or Camera Raw user, or other “raw” user) to learn Photoshop. So many Photoshop courses out there concentrate on a small part of Photoshop. Or, they teach you too much – things that a Lightroom user (again, or ACR) wouldn’t need to worry about.

Bonus Video #1

Okay, enough back story. Now that we’re putting the final touches on everything, I wanted to share a quick (and free) bonus video. It’s called The Do’s and Don’ts for a Lightroom and Photoshop Workflow. It’s a higher level look at some of the places that we should be doing certain tasks. I do move a little faster through it since it’s an overview video. It’s not meant to teach you what the Multiply blend mode is for example. That part is just there to show you that Multiply is something we can use in Photoshop and it’s not in Lightroom.

Plus, there’s a download link on this page (blue area right below the video). So you can download and keep the video. If you get the Photoshop System it fits right in with the training. And even if you don’t, I think there’s some cool little tips and tricks you can get from the video. And if you’re not on the list and want to get notified about the course, just click here and sign up (if you’re not sure, just sign up – it removes duplicates). Enjoy!




  1. Dolores

    I’ve been trying the find the cost of the course, but I’m not finding it. How much will it be? How much will it be with the discount if purchased in March? I probably won’t be able to afford it on our retirement income, but I’d like to know for sure. Thanks.

    1. Author
      Matt K

      Hi Dolores – the course or pricing isn’t up yet. But it’ll most likely be around the same cost as the LR course: ($99 or $129 depending on which version you go with).

      1. Dolores.

        That amount would be managable, but when I look up the LR course, it’s listed at $254! ?

        1. Author
          Matt K

          Yes, that’s the full price. We discount it 50% during the launch week. Stay tuned 🙂

          1. Michael Fletcher

            Can I get a discount on your Lightroom System?

  2. Mary Rather

    I just learned about you through a photo group.. I am guessing that I missed the into discount on the photoshop system. Do you ever run “sales/specials” on printing of either or both courses? Any bundle pricing available?

  3. Tom

    Is this course all photoshop or does it touch at all on lightroom ?

    1. Author
      Matt K

      It’s got a 60 minute mini-course in it that’s called “Photoshop for Lightroom Users”. It shows the workflow round trip for several projects.
      But it’s not a Lightroom course. I have a full LR course at or just click the Shop icon in the menu.

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