Photoshop System Update Page

Hi. This is where you can find information on the latest Photoshop System Updates. The following videos have been updated/added:

1. Section 2, Lesson 6 – Contextual Task Bar

2. Section 3, Lesson 6 – Cropping

3. Section 4, Lesson 15 – Layers and Generative Fill AI

4. Section 7, Lesson 9 – Replace Background with Gen Fill

5. Section 8, Lesson 1 – The Remove Tool

6. Section 8, Lesson 6 Gen Fill for Removing Distractions

Online Viewers

If you view the course online – HIGHLY suggested by the way – as it’s easier to navigate, keeps track of your progress, and no setup required. Just log-in to your account (click My Account in top right of this page), and click on “My Online Courses” and you can watch the Photoshop System there. It’s a much better way to view a course.


If you are someone that downloads the course, then follow these steps:

Step 1: Click the Download Updates button below. This will download 1 file to your computer that contains the 6 new/updated videos.

Step 2: You can watch these videos and leave them anywhere on your computer that you like. Or, if you want to keep things tidy, you can navigate the proper section and place them there. 

Thanks and enjoy!


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