It seems like Diana and I were just in Las Vegas at Photoshop World last July, and here we are again. This time, Photoshop World is headed to Orlando, FL and we’ll be there later this week.

If you’re going to be out in Orlando, and want to catch up, here’s my schedule. Even if you don’t make it to my class, I hope you’ll grab me at some point and at least say hi. Getting out to conferences and workshops is my chance to get away from the solitude of my office/behind my computer, and actually talk to all of you. So PLEASE consider this an open invitation to chat any time you see me out and about.

Photoshop World on Thursday April 20th

4:00-5:00pm – Getting Creative with Lightroom Presets

This class talks all about Lightroom presets. We’ll start with the basics, but then move through some of the really powerful ways that presets can help you in Lightroom.

5:15-6:15pm – Landscapes and Light

This is a look in to the various light we’re presented with while shooting landscapes and how to best capture it, along with the best ways to post-process those photos to show off, or enhance the most crucial part of any landscape photo.

Photoshop World on Friday April 21st

10:30 – 11:30am – Let’s Edit

This class is all about your photos. Attendees for Photoshop World were sent out a link to submit photos. In this class, rather than edit me own photos, I’ll be editing yours. Hopefully this gives a look at some different perspectives on various photos and what we can do with them.

4:15 – 5:15pm – Unlocking the Power of Lightroom Mobile

In this class I’ll be going through a real-world situation where I’ve captured photos on vacation with both my iPhone and what I affectionately call, my “Big Boy” Camera. I’ll be showing how I bring both of these worlds together and keep track of the photos so I always have access to my favorite ones.

Photoshop World on Saturday April 22nd

9:15 – 10:15am – Lightroom Lab

This is an open lab. There’s no “official” itinerary for it, other than you can bring your questions and I’ll answer them. I have a few demos I’ll go over as well, but this one is totally open to whatever you need help on.

The Keynote and Midnight Madness

The keynote is always one of the fun ways that kick off Photoshop World. If you’ve never been to one, you’ll know it sets the stage for a really great few days. Over the last couple of week’s I’ve participated in the keynote video, and well… let’s just say it’s been an odd experience. I’m not gonna spoil it though. You have to check in to see it for yourself. I think they’re streaming it live too, so hopefully you can watch it then.

I’ll also be one of the hosts on the Midnight Madness panel on Friday night. It’s from 10pm-12am and always a fun time as well.

I hope to see you out this week. Like I said earlier, make sure you stop by and say hi 🙂


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