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This Bountiful bundle has you covered from shooting to editing. All courses are presented in my trademark easy to understand format.

The Photoshop System (Regularly $199.99) – An easy-to-use system to learn Photoshop designed for photographers. A complete-cohesive system that builds on each section. Each section is a mini-course in itself, like getting 11 courses in one, that you own forever. There are 158 short video lessons between 2-10 minutes in length, making it easy to digest the info and review just what you need.

The Lightroom System (Regularly $199.99) – With over 13 hours of videos it is THE course to learn EVERYTHING about LIGHTROOM. From importing and organizing your photos – all the way to editing, sharpening, noise reduction, and printing.The system is broken down in to 15 mini courses/sections. Each one is a self-contained section that covers a key area of Lightroom.

Sharp! And In Focus (Regularly $89.99) – Everything you need to know about focusing and getting sharp photos.

Long Exposure Photography (Regularly 69.99) – In this course you’ll learn all of the techniques and tips to make beautiful long exposure photos. Everything from the camera settings, the filters and gear, all the way to the photo editing to bring them to life.

Logo & Watermark Toolkit (Regularly $79.99) – The Photographers Logo and Watermark Toolkit is the best way to learn how to create your own beautiful (and unique) logo, watermark or nameplate in Photoshop.


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