Course Specs:

This is a downloadable course. In other words, you buy it and you own it. This is not a subscription and you only pay once.

Photos Included?: All follow along raw photos included
Lightroom Version Covered
: Lightroom Classic CC
Course Length: 62 minutes
Space Required: Approximately 700Mb on your computer
Compatibility: Mac and PC

Import and Organize

Learn the fastest way to import and organize your photos so you can get to the fun stuff even faster.

Develop and Editing

Learn Matt’s “go to” adjustments and what editing controls will give you the look you want.

Only 60 Minutes!

This course is only 60 minutes (well… 62 minutes to be exact). That means you can watch it in an evening and know that you’ll be up and running with Lightroom in one day.
Before / After Images From the Course
Course Outline
Introduction to Light Painting Tools
This first video is more of an introduction to the main light painting and manipulating tools that we’ll use in Lightroom and Photoshop. Along with the quick intro, I’ll share a few tips and tricks on getting the most out of the tools.
Lesson 01: Flowers and Mountains
Lesson 02: Wildlife Edit
Lesson 03: Wildflower Sunrise
Lesson 04: Beach Sunset HDR
Lightroom has plenty of ways to organize your photos. In this first video on organizing we’re going to start with the simplest way to let Lightroom know you “like” a photo and how to always find your favorites.
Lesson 05: Moody Rainy Streets
While we don’t have to do a ton of things to organize, there is one special technique that will make your life SO much easier when it comes to getting to your favorite photos.
Lesson 06: Bruges Windows
Lesson 07: Yosemite Clouds
While we won’t go over every setting in Develop, there are a few more you’ll want to know about that can make a big impact on your photo editing.

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