Extreme Lightroom Bundle

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Make 2021 the year you take charge of your photos. This comprehensive Lightroom bundle will have you ready to conquer your photo editing.

The Lightroom System (Regularly $199.99) – With over 13 hours of videos it is THE course to learn EVERYTHING about LIGHTROOM. From importing and organizing your photos – all the way to editing, sharpening, noise reduction, and printing.The system is broken down in to 15 mini courses/sections. Each one is a self-contained section that covers a key area of Lightroom.
Trouble Shooting Lightroom Course (Regularly $49.99) – This short video course will help you with some of the common problems people encounter while using Lightroom. It contains 28 short videos to help you troubleshoot when you’re having trouble with Lightroom.
Lightroom Crash Course (Regularly $49.99) –One of the biggest roadblocks I hear from people who start learning Lightroom is that they purchased a course only to find the amount of training daunting and they don’t know where to start. That’s why I developed my Lightroom Crash Course – to help you get up to speed in Lightroom with just the stuff you NEED to know.
No Light No Problem Lightroom Version (Regularly $79.99) –For all of those times when the light and the weather just didn’t cooperate this course can help. In many of the courses I have, I teach about the “how” to accomplish a task, or “what” a certain slider or setting does. But in this course I open up and do something TOTALLY different. I talk about the “WHY” behind my editing.
Lightroom Landscape Preset Bundle (Regularly $99.99) – Save time and get inspired with over 150 presets including: Develop module presets, Print template presets, and Brush presets.
Lightroom Profile Bundle (Regularly $69.99) – With this bundle of 90 Profiles/LUTs the creative possibilities are endless.


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